Adani Dharavi Project – All You Need to Know About

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Mumbai’s Dharavi covers an extensive area of land. Millions of people reside in this area and try to ‘make it big’ in the dream city of India. While Mumbai is economic capital of India, This area, which is located in the heart of the city, lacks basic infrastructure and requires development.  For decades the living condition of the people residing here has been alarmingly worrisome.

The Adani Dharavi project takes into consideration these conditions and is committed to providing all needed amenities to the Dharavi community. This project comes with a multitude of benefits in order to improve this slum area. Revamping the slum area in Mumbai, Maharashtra is the primary goal of this project. Moreover, it aims to provide residents with improved houses, developed buildings, sanitized conditions, etc.

The Government of Maharashtra brought a tender to redevelop the area which was won fairly by the Adani Group. This is for the best as well since the Adani Group has the expertise and experience of developing world-class projects.

An Overview of Dharavi

Dharavi is among the major slums in the world. It spans around 590 acres in Mumbai. This area is heavily populated and requires essential facilities such as power supply, water, and more. By redeveloping this area, the living condition of people can be improved drastically and it will also contribute to the beautification of the economic capital of India.

The Adani Group has undertaken the project of redeveloping this area. The conglomerate is of the view that the city can be formalized by focusing on its unorganized economy. Moreover, by developing it, Dharavi can be enriched with facilities that can greatly benefit the people living here.

Focus on Redevelopment with the Adani Dharavi Project

More than 50,000 families live in Dharavi, Mumbai. They have lacked certain crucial facilities for a considerable number of years. The Adani Dharavi project plans to provide basic amenities to the millions of people residing here.

The conglomerate has received this project, through a fair tender process. It has won the tender based on its range of projects that have brought growth and development to various parts of India. The company plans to spend nearly Rs. 20,000 crores for the redevelopment of the massive slum in Maharashtra.

This project seems to be among the major ones in the world. It is the largest move focusing on the redevelopment of the slum area. It will make Dharavi sanitized for the residents and provide them with access to the required facilities. Not only this, it will develop FSI or floor space index as well.

After redeveloping this area in Mumbai, the economy of Dharavi can get a boost of around Rs. 400 crores. The people of this area can receive varying benefits with this economic boost.

Benefits for Dharavi Residents Post Redevelopment

Redeveloping Mumbai’s big slum area will invite better living conditions for many people. The people living here will no longer have to stay in dilapidated shelters. They will be housed in modern homes, located in well-constructed buildings.

These people can expect better living standards and carve a greater future for themselves. Entrepreneurs like Gautam Adani understand the importance of both career and living conditions. In order to help his family, he dropped out of education when he was only 16 years old.

As Mr. Adani reflects on his life, he believes in making conditions smooth for others. The struggles of the entrepreneur and his family gave strength to Mr. Adani to achieve financial stability. As he looks at the lives of families residing in Dharavi, he grows determined to pull them out of unpleasant conditions.

The Adani Dharavi project is a result of the determination of this leading entrepreneur. Since Dharavi is located in the heart of Mumbai, it has been vital to revamp it. The execution of the redevelopment project is headed in the direction of changing the face of the area and the fate of its people.

Beyond enhanced housing conditions, other benefits will also be received by people. The connection to the metro in Mumbai is one of these advantages. Conveniently moving to and from Dharavi will improve access to multiple resources. These will include education, healthcare, employment, and more.

In Essence

A large portion of Central Mumbai is formed by Dharavi. But the conditions of the huge slum area have been concerning. The Gautam Adani-led conglomerate has been determined to revamp the slum. The Adani Dharavi project will redevelop the area and bring enriching living conditions for millions of people. Moreover, it will transform the lives of these people in order to give them a better future.

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