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Talent is not a possession of any one man, it is hidden within everyone, it just needs a chance. Many of us do not get that opportunity to bring out the hidden talent within us. This opportunity is now with you, you have read and appreciated The Real Science so far for which we are grateful to you, but now you can also be a part of The Real Science , we cordially invite you to blog with us and share within yourself. Expose the lurking bugs of hidden blogging –

Few things to know before sending us guest post-

  • We will accept guest posts sent in Hindi language only.
  • Anyone can do a guest post. Blogger, Housewife, Student, etc. You just need to have knowledge of people’s work.
  • The information given in the guest post should be completely new i.e. written in your own words. Must not have been copied or stolen from the Internet, from any website, or from any blog.
  • If you want to publish your introduction along with the post, then please send us a brief about yourself, your photos, and links to your social media profiles.
  • If you run your own blog, please send us a link to it.
  • You are making your mark with the guest post, so pay attention to the quality.
  • Do not publish any other post or information that you give us.
  • The Real Science will have the final say in publishing your post.
  • No grant or allowance will be given in lieu of guest post-publication.

Send us guest posts on these topics –

We publish only technical information on The Real Science. Therefore, please send guest posts only on the topics given below-

  1. Any information related to e-governance
  2. Technical information and tips for women
  3. Technical information and tips for kids
  4. Tips and Tricks  for MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)  Photoshop, Corel-Draw, Internet, PageMaker, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  5. Excellent knowledgeable information and interesting facts about the computer technology field
  6. Best knowledge of other computer software and hardware in English.
  7. Tips and Tricks for Smart Phones and Android

Apart from this, you can send us any technical information, no matter it is related to any field, it does not matter, this information can be related to medical, education, business, women, children, professional blogging anywhere.

How to send a guest post

  • You can send us a  guest post at .
  • You can send a guest post to us through email only by typing ms. word, notepat.
  • For typing in Word and Notepad, if possible, use Unicode fonts.
  • If you do not have Unicode font available then you can also type in Hindi font kruti dev and devlys font.
  • For any other kind of information related to guest posts, you can let us know through comment.
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