The Ultimate Guide to Laminate Cabinet Refacing: Step-by-Step Instructions

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Are your favourite kitchen accents like cabinet corners and exposed hardware suffering from years of being exposed to food splatters but the thought of your whole remodelling seems out of reach because of cost? Don’t be afraid, because cabinet laminate refacing is cost-effective and can give your kitchen a new avatar; and rejuvenate your kitchen space too.

Based on the successful experience of the best plywood brand of the century, CenturyPly, the laminate refacing system guide is created to give a new life to your cabinets. In this article, we shall talk about the ultimate guide to laminate cabinet refacing.

  • Weigh Your Kitchen Cabinet Choices

The first step is to check your cabinets thoroughly to know their condition before you start refacing them. Ascertain that your cabinet structure step is solid and free of long imprints etc. Plywood refacing can be done on hardwood or metal cabinets in good condition, without structural issues but have rotten or chipped surfaces on the front.

  • Measure and set the plan

The measurements should be done correctly if the refacing work is to be effective. Measure the width, height, and any other extent of your cabinet doors, drawers, and areas that will be refaced.  CenturyPly laminate sheets collection gives you plenty of space to play around with color and finishes, permitting you to customize it according to your choice and the kitchen style.

  • Prepare Build Materials and Supplies

Get all of the required materials and tools with you before undertaking the refacing process. CenturyPly has got all that your laminate needs covered. One needs to look out for items like adhesive, edge banding, rollers, tools, and trimmers. Stocking all these products together saves a lot of time and keeps the department on track without any unnecessary stoppages.

  • Prepare the surface

Utilize appropriate cleaning products to clean the surfaces of the cabinets and get rid of any grease or residues. Use sanding paper to smooth the existing surface gently, which will be good for adhesive adherence. Clean the base of the laminate with a dry cloth to make it very smooth for the laminate application.

  • Apply Adhesive and Laminate

With care, apply the adhesive on the CenturyPly laminate for the cabinet surfaces using a roller or brush. Avoid forming air bubbles or fissures to achieve a strong bond. Apply the glue and align it on one side before starting to place the laminate sheets across the surface. Using a roller, squeeze out all air bubbles.

  • Trim and finish

Trim the excessive laminate with a trimmer tool. This guarantees clean and precise edges. Apply edge banding on the laminate edges that are exposed to achieve the finished look of the board. Make sure that the edge banding is of the same color as the laminate to ensure a cohesive look. After the trimming and banding, perform the final inspection for the perfect finishing.

  • Reattach Hardware and accessories

Lastly, restore the furniture with its refacing complete, and put the doors, drawers, and handles together. Grab this moment, and replace the old hardware with new ones that create a shining appearance.

Thus, the original one can go along with the renovated kitchen cabinet look. Emphasis the decorative accessories in the kitchen design such as handles, knobs, or pulls to create a more interesting and appealing kitchen space.

Final Overview

CenturyPly’s laminate for cabinet refacing, as you may know, gives an all-around convenient and affordable solution to upgrade your kitchen cabinets, instead of replacing them with new ones. By using these simple guidelines, you can succeed in your goal to do something that will make your kitchen shine with little effort.

Replace the old cabinet hardware with new ones that show your style and personality. They will make your space fresh and modern. CenturyPly has the necessary experience and quality materials that your kitchen renovation not only requires but is great for extending your ideas. Step back and enjoy your newly renovated kitchen cabinets which you have just made look good and elegant.  It will give your space a new life.

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