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Thinking about making a website and worried regarding cost and maintenance of the website. Don’t worry, having your own website is not difficult anymore with WordPress. Let’s check out everything about WordPress.

What’s WordPress?

WordPress is the easiest and uncomplicated way to create a website. Do you know? More than 40℅ of current websites are powered by the WordPress means in every 100 websites 40 are powered by a WordPress itself.

One can easily make their website and access or edit them without even the proper idea of programming languages. Yes, this is one of the reasons behind the popularity of WordPress.

What Kind of website users can make on WordPress?

Well, If you are looking to build your own website and have confusion on choosing the perfect website you can opt for WordPress.

WordPress provides you an option to make  a personal blog to ECOMMERCE.

Options available on WordPress.

  • E-commerce. 

  • Blogs. 

  • Education. 

  • Business. 

  • Portfolios. 

  • Social networks. 


Most popular website among all, from multi companies to small businesses all open their online business on WordPress. Rich expansion of WordPress helps them to gain more customers. Having attractive themes gives an option to owners to decorate their page in their own style.

Personal blogs –

it has become so easy for people to open their personal website for blogs they used to write their travel experience and reviews of gadgets on websites which help others one who are planning to visit or buying the same.

There are lots of popular individuals, business who are using the WordPress website.

Microsoft is a prime example of using a WordPress website.

WordPress.org vs WordPress. Com

WordPress. Com- 

this is totally free you don’t have to spend any amount on this. All you have to do is to sign up, and you’ll get your own website.

WordPress. Org-

this option is quite versatile. You have to spend a small amount on a hosting account.

Both of this software are almost similar with WordPress org and come up with a price tag.

How WordPress helps to Grow businesses?


WordPress has popularity all over the world. Their contents have reached all countries in this world. If you’re running an online business and have aim to expand all over the world. WordPress can help you.

No charge for website 

WordPress is free of cost and one can make a website without spending a single penny.

You can easily set up your website within a few minutes. This website is helpful for those whose startup budget is low and can’t spend much on websites.

Easy to handle

Earlier business owners used to hire website designers to manage their website as having deep knowledge of programming was crucial to manage a website. Now on WordPress you don’t need programming skills; anyone can handle and design their website by themselves without paying the amount of designers.

Online support. 

WordPress has Millions of active users. One can easily get enough traffic on the WordPress website. Many people are trying to figure out their problems on WordPress and there are many people who have solved these problems.

Various themes

Accommodation of websites is key to attract users to the website. If you don’t decorate your pages properly, users might switch to other ones. WordPress provides free and easy to access themes which can help you to set up your page background on your own.

There are lots of premium themes available if you want, you can purchase them from WordPress at affordable prices, and it lasts for one month to a year depending on the plan you have chosen.

SEO friendly

SEO is the backbone of the internet and specially for business related sites. If you want to reach your website to more people, SEO is the best strategy for that. WordPress is an SEO friendly platform you can get on top of the search engine by using proper keywords.

Responsive design 

Most website owners badly want their website to get access to every type of screen, from small to big. WordPress has made their job much easier. Their website has flexibility to adapt themselves according to screen.


WordPress provides the best security to their users. They come with regular updates which gets stronger and stronger consistently.


If you’re planning to open a website for business or for some other use, believe that it costs time and money to run and maintain that website.

One needs to hire designers, spending money on domain names and on themes. With WordPress, you can open, design and access your website by the own. WordPress has made the job easier for all those people who don’t have an idea of a website but want to run one for business. WordPress is easy to learn and once your concept gets clear you can take your business to the next level through this platform.

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