What is WebView Application ?

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You can represent your web application or web page via web view. WebView allows you to display all web pages as a segment of all your activity. It does not involve any specifications of a well-developed web browser like address bar or navigation controls. WebView only shows a web page.

WebView has proven to be very helpful if your ambition is to give information in your app like User guide or end user agreement. You can build an activity carrying a WebView then implement that to show all your files that are going to be hosted online.

WebView has lots of specifications. One of them is, if your app provides data to the person who always needed an internet connection to back up data, then you will get it easier to build a WebView in your application that displays a web page with data of all users instead of requesting for a network. You can develop a web page that is made for Android devices and then apply a WebView in your application that loads a web page.

You can view web content on Android in two Ways. The first one is an Android application and the second one is a traditional web browser WebView included in the layout. A developer can add functionality to an application, they can add the web view library and build a WebView class. This will allow a browser in the app to access render web Pages and accomplish JavaScript. WebView has the ability to build applications to link with web apps and web pages.

Early WebView was bound with the operating system, and updating will only be possible with the release of the latest version of the operating system. Later google introduced Android 5 although google terminated WebView from the core operating system to make sure updates can be held through the Google Play Store.

Users with the latest version of the operating system find it beneficial for them. Google can throw out the bug found in WebView. Google advises every user to use the latest version of the operating system to protect devices from attacks. WebView apps vs native apps.

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So what is a native app?

Mobile application we use on our mobile phone is a native app. Native apps are not only limited to mobile phones they are available for others also.

Native apps get installed on a device memory. One don’t need to open a web browser to use content of native app. They can easily open the app and can see any content they’re looking for.

Users have two options to develop native apps.

Coding is most known way to develop app, native mobile app builder can be used for iOS and Android.

Second one is user-friendly specially for those who don’t belong to technical background as it’s not necessary. A quality native Android and iOS app can help to develop an application which have quality of passing small test and get success. Users have two option to build such applications for devices. People running online store through WordPress can opt for WooCommerce native iOS app builders to develop steady mobile application. Native apps are far popular than it’s alternative WebView. Most app we used are native one.

Web view

First we have to go through a web browser to understand the concept of WebView. A web browser is the aggregate of two parts – the engine and the user interface. Address bar, plugins, output screen and menu are included in the user interface. These are the detectable part of the browser we are usually seeing. By removing the engine part of the browser you can get a web view. We get to see a WebView app when the engine reinstates a native app. Any app which contains content of a web page is termed as a WebView app. To develop a web view app you can opt for two ways. One can use code for building an app through website. Opt for mobile app builder to build iOS and Android application.

Scope of WebView app

Web view apps are not favorable for business, they lack to grow business as there are many reasons behind this.

You can get long term. Success on WebView apps as design dissonance backfired WebView applications. While using app, users suddenly witness a different design on applications. They have to check if they’re at perfect place or not.

This drawback can hamper user experience.

Both google and Apple Store are not very supporter of WebView apps and mainly native apps gets node. WebView applications pull data from a website and display them inside an app. Hence, the experience they provide to app users is not good enough.


Both native app and WebView app have huge difference in all terms. Native app is definitely most preferable as they provide lots of specifications with all essential supportive tools. Whereas WebView app can be the best option for testing an app as they are mainly faster to make and also cost less.

However, only native apps are favorable for taking your app to market. By opting for best mobile app builder users can build a native app in very short period of time and at very affordable cost.

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