What Is Flutter App

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Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building attractive, highly compiled applications for mobile like Android and iOS, desktops such as Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and single codebase web. In 2015, The initial version of Flutter was termed as code-name “Sky”, which was accessible only on the Android operating system.


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Flutter has been available since 2015 when Google first launched it, but it has gained attraction after a few times. around. It’s a tool invented with a modern and reactive framework for creating Android and iOS apps. These apps are made with the dart, an uncomplicated programming language.

Dart is a programming language required to develop a flutter. Google created this language back in 2011, and it has been modified a lot over the last years. The basic work of dart is to make front-end development, and it can be used to build mobile and applications. Dart is similar to JavaScript.

Flutter is making steady progress in terms of popularity. It made it to the top 100 in 2018 and later entered the top 30.This progressive report is a positive sign for flutter. A Lot of flutter app have reached the Google Play Store.

Flutter two important parts:

  1. Software Development Kit: This is a collection of tools that provide you facility to build up your applications.
  2. Framework: Collection of tools like buttons, text inputs, sliders, and many more through which you can modify all your requirements.

Benefits of flutter.

Flutter is a very simple method to develop a mobile application. It is different from other programming languages like java, swift, or Reacts Native. The best specialty of flutter is you can build original native applications without proper knowledge of coding.

Preferred for startups.

  • You don’t need to build two separate apps for Android and iOS; it will be done by one through flutter. It’s so cheap and not expensive.
  • You will not spot the difference between flutter and native applications.
  • You can easily use templates that are provided by flutter, one can modify a relevant UI for customers.


Better documentation is preferable for new technology and in flutter you can learn everything from core you will get the answer of everything on flutter. Everything has been explained in detail to make your work easy, and you’ll understand everything about it.

Flutter Awesome: this feature carried the best tools and libraries list.

Awesome flutter: it is a list of articles, videos, utilities of a GitHub repository. Flutter community is a medium where you can get articles, tutorials, examples, and more supporting specifications.

High productivity.

  • Flutter is a cross-platform code base that can be used for your Android app and iOS. You will save your time and resources.
  • Reliable performance- flutter has an OEM widget, and you don’t need to access one. Less mediated communication between the app and the platform. Even without JavaScript bridge flutter provides reactive views.
  • You can instantly view all the changes made in the code in hardware, simulators, and emulators with the most advanced feature of flutter.
  • Within a second the modified code is reloaded without restarting the app.
  • Not just for adding features you can fix your bug.
  • Programming is so easy and flexible with flutter that Even if you don’t have knowledge of programming you can drive this so easily.
  • You will not face any problem in terms of compatibility as widgets character of the app.
  • You will not be spending more time on testing. 
  • Dart and flutter both are free to use and open source and provide community support to tackle any issue you are facing.
  • Flutter is accessible on various IDEs. Android Studio and VS Code are two important code editors for developing this technology.
  • You have to install flutter and dart plugins to start Android studio where everything is already integrated.
  • VS Code is a feathery tool and everything is accessible by the plugin of the marketplace.

Disadvantages of flutter .

  • Large files: Although flutter has lots of advantages for it has few drawbacks also. Flutter files sizes are relatively higher, which makes users opt for an alternative application. As the phones usually don’t have sufficient memories, and it gets full of having lots of big data files.
  • Many older phones don’t accept big files and force users to delete other files or applications to make some place for newer ones.

Compatibility with iOS

Flutter is developed by Google, which is popular for the Android applications platform Google Play Store. Google easily gives updates that are accessible for Android only iOS users might face some difficulties.

Dart is used in flutter applications, although dart has lots of advantage but also have one biggest drawback, the dart is not advanced like other programming languages such as java, c++, beginners will find it difficult to start, and it will take some time to get settled with it.


Flutter has lots of advantages for business and development. You can easily be built, customize high-performance mobile applications that fulfill your requirements. It is worth developing applications through Flutter as it is cheaper and has the ability to run for both Android and iOS.

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