What is Common Between Both Kaspersky antivirus?

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The KIS and KTS have a lot of common features. So, the below discussed are the similarities between both Kaspersky antivirus products. Hence, let’s have a look at the detailed information provided below.


Both KIS and KTS offers high performance, and both products do not slow down the device. Both Kaspersky antivirus provides high range of security with excellent performance. The antivirus scans and detects the viruses in the background without slowing down the speed of the device. Both products also offer excellent protection.

Straightforward User-Interface

In both products, all features are easy to understand and can be easily accessed. In both products, there is an element of simplicity.

Privacy Protection features

The privacy protection feature is included in both products, such as anti-ransomware protection and identity protection.

Parental control 

Those who are concerned about their kids, for them, this is a great feature. Both products, i.e. KIS and KTS, have a simple interface. The user can also check and control what their kids are doing in the world of internet.

So, these all were the common features between Kaspersky antivirus products, i.e. KIS and KTS.

Why choose Kaspersky antivirus software?

If your device is working slow or threat is there in your PC or laptop, then get Kaspersky free antivirus download quickly. There are a few core reasons why one should choose the Kaspersky antivirus software. So, check the numerous reasons and get aware of why the Kaspersky is better than other antivirus software providers.

  • The Kaspersky antivirus has the parental control feature that is not available in other products.
  • Kaspersky provides cloud protection features which is the best thing.
  • This software offers a two-way firewall that will prevent the hackers from stealing the data while doing online transaction
  • Through the root-kit scan capability, the user can undo the cause made by the virus.

So, these reasons were enough to justify why you should choose Kaspersky free antivirus.


Both Kaspersky antivirus products give the best level of security against malware, virus and other unwanted threats. If you do work on the internet for a limited period and occasionally do online transactions, then go with the KIS. Apart from this, the KTS is a better option for all-purpose. So, the above discussed was the complete comparison between the KTS and KIS. Hence according to your need, choose the right product for your system.

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