What Is Application Development

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The Internet is ruling this world. From small to multinational businesses, all are growing their businesses here. Mobile applications have become the backbone of these companies.

At this moment, about 2.2 million applications are available to download. And competition has expanded a lot. If you want to grow your applications rapidly you need to establish a proper strategy to outclass your competitors.


What is application development ?

Who is in charge of software application development teams?
What specific process in application development removes a resource that is no longer needed?
Which application development life-cycle model uses a sequential design process?
What is rapid application development ?

Application Development plays a major role in this.

App development is a method where mobile applications are built for smartphones and tablets. Native apps, hybrid apps, and HTML5 are some types of applications that are made in app development. Most apps require internet connectivity to work smoothly. Remember not all applications are online you can create offline also.

Native applications.

Native applications mainly develop for iOS and Android. They are built with an integrated development environment. It allows you to modify vital features, although they are a bit costly in comparison to other technologies.

Hybrid apps.

Hybrid apps developed using technologies like HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, and JavaScript. Hybrid apps cost more to build than native, and it takes less time to develop, although they lack few advanced features.

Encapsulated apps.

Encapsulated apps, specially made for those people who have a very minimal amount of experience in mobile application development . One can easily and rapidly build mobile applications through this. But developers might find it hard as it lacks isolation from the OS.

If you’re looking to develop an app, these are a few important things you should keep in mind. Screen size, hardware specifications, configurations. Make sure each part of the mobile app must come together to facilitate the fast and easy-to-use design.

Cross-platform app development popularity has increased rapidly in the last few years. The best specification about this platform is you have to write code just once for all platforms such as iOS, Windows, and Android. Rather than writing code for each platform, you can put the same code for various platforms. It is time-saving.

Cross-platform helps to cut costs of app development for businesses. You need to invest in only one to build an app rather than having numerous tools to handle all platforms.

Remember the app should display the same in devices of all users. 

App development needs various steps to build an application:

  1. Planning: Completing a business analysis and building a mobile strategy by business analysis, project manager, and marketers are the first step.
  2. Technical: In the next step, the work of technical writers takes place. They have to introduce all details of technical and needs.  In this next stage, a technical writer will describe all technical details and requirements.
  3. Prototyping: Sketch wireframes and skins of applications are created in prototyping. This step was done with the help of UX/ UI designers.
  4. Developing: Developing stage includes back-end and front-end coding segments that are usually done by developers.
  5. Quality: Requirements of tech are tested at this stage and device abilities are reviewed to make sure the build app is working smoothly and as expected.
  6. Publishing: Here comes the last and most vital stage
The app gets featured on the app store.

You can manage your applications hereby modifying them or giving updates or fixing all bugs and troubleshoots.

How applications can help to grow your business?

Online marketing is dominating the marketing field. At this moment. People can buy anything by just sitting at home. Many big companies have made their Ecommerce, education applications to expand their business all over the world. But is it only for big companies?

The answer is no, even if you are looking to expand and stretch your business rapidly, you can opt for application development. Few things you have to keep in mind to gain more traffic.

Provide quality value to customers.

As we know how technologies are playing a key role in running a business. Customers depend a lot on online marketing, and it’s your responsibility to not let them down. Expectations of customers are high in online marketing. You should provide all facilities into your apps, from smooth running applications to easy buy key buttons. Try to add support features to your app. It will secure customers more, and they can freely ask about any problem they are facing. It will also help you to modify your bugs in applications.

Rewards with offers.

The easiest way to get more traffic to your app is through a rewards strategy. You must have seen many applications giving offers of referral codes such as you will get a reward for sharing this app with your friends or contacts. You can apply the same for your own application. Tell your customers to refer to your app and offer attractive rewards.


Many multinational businesses have faced backlash from customers in terms of security.

Make sure the data of your customers are safe and secured, and it is not getting to third parties. The customer thinks twice before share their credit card details on unaware and new applications. You should provide them all terms and conditions with security information in that. Customer security should be your priority.

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