What is a website?

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A website is a collection of pages  that contains a beginning file called the home page. Websites are owned by a single person, companies or commercial industries. You must have seen travelling, sports entertainment articles on the internet.

Websites are mainly made for entertainment, movies, sports, music or news. E commerce companies now sell their products on websites.

Websites used in various fields can be personal websites, news websites, movies websites, sports articles websites and more. You have the option to link other sites into your Page through hyperlink. There are some websites who demand a subscription to access their websites. They provide many different contents which cannot be found on other websites. That’s why they charge.

Types of websites.

Websites are of two types.

Static websites –

Static websites are easy to understand as they’re simple as they’re fixed and no more activities will take place here.

You don’t need deep knowledge of programming to create this website. You can also insert multimedia files here. No interaction of the database takes place here.

Static websites are cheap and this page doesn’t need support for other languages.

Dynamic websites –

Dynamic websites have more variations. You can change the content of websites here. Interactions with databases are possible here although dynamic websites are slow in comparison to static. PHP, node.js used here. Development cost is quite expensive here.


When website made first time only text option are possible there but as time passes websites evaluation seen addition of images, videos and audios.

WebGl is JavaScript which has the ability to insert 3d animations on websites.

Let’s check out how websites can help in growing your business.

If you’re planning to open any business and want to grow fast then websites will help you a lot. Today popularity of online shopping has reached up to top level. You have seen many big companies selling their products online. One can get everything on e-commerce websites.


Build websites as per your business. Imagine if you’re opening a business of education to open websites with.edu at last

Assume the customer is searching for any book, then the search engine will look out for education pages and having Edu at last will become helpful there.

Websites are reachable at any place. You can sell your products abroad too. you must focus on designing and content of pages if your contents don’t look attractive customers might switch to other sites.

Use perfect and on demand keywords.

Competition is high in online marketing. You have to become smarter to outclass others one. Imagine if customers are searching for best chemistry books for neat then you have to insert neat chemistry book into your web page article keywords play an important role in increasing page ranking on search engines. Don’t forget to create attractive content to make sure people find it interesting and beneficial.

If required, you can promote your websites on various social media platforms to let people know all about your online business.

Mention total details including contact number, emails and address into your websites If you want to win customers’ trust.

They checked all these details before buying anything if you mention all the information it will give relaxation to the public to buy your products.

Give offers on special occasions- India is a country of festivals. You can see people celebrating festivals every month. You must give some offers on occasion of Diwali or Holi, such as big discount days or offers buy one get one free. People love these proposals and no wonder why e-commerce sites get the most benefit during festival seasons.

If you’re looking to explore your business and to grow it fast, try to get knowledge of search engine optimization strategy.

From small to multinational companies they use the same strategy to get more customers.


If you have created websites first thing comes into your mind is how can I increase traffic. No need to worry anymore, SEO strategy is here to achieve your goal. All you need to do is to get experience of SEO( search engine optimization) . One can increase their rank by adding proper keywords by doing proper research.

You can update your content anytime with this strategy. Look out what people are looking for on your website.

Add those keywords into your headline and description, next time they search the same search engine will show your page at first rank. If customers like and trust your business highly, chances of them to recommend your site to other ones also.

SEO is the most vital factor for the growth of websites.

Websites can help you to make some money also. It depends a lot on various factors.

How much traffic websites are getting.

. Quality of contents.

. Number of ad’s.

You can make and design your own websites by spending a small amount or you can go for other developers who do this work. They can create and design the best website for you.

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