What is a Panel Website

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A web hosting control panel is provided by a web hosting service that gives permission to users to manage servers and hosted services.

You can easily control all parts of your site within the control panel without using additional software to upload files, though many users find it fast and easy to do so.

Is My Control Panel

Control panels provide basic information which can be useful for your site. One most important feature is your account at a glance. You can easily get how many resources you are utilizing to ensure you are not at peril of exceeding any limitations. There is a section where you can easily update or change your password, set preferences to the email address for notifications and the language you like. You may see.

  • Bandwidth usage for the month
  • Disk space usage
  • Hosting package
  • Path to Perl
  • Path to Sendmail
  • IP Address
  • Version identification

Quantity of Control Panel :

  • MySQL databases
  • FTP accounts
  • Add on domains
  • Email accounts
  • Mailing lists
  • Parked domains
  • Basic elements of a Control Panel
  • Domain and DNS Management

You count on domains to introduce website resources. Your control panel must have a specification through which you can control everything about the domains you’re putting on your server. This incorporates new add-ons and subdomains or managing existing ones.


Subdomains permit you to build a distinct website area or even a new website. By still using your leading domain name. So it can be convenient to insert a prefix to your website domain name. Your control panel has a facility to allow you to create as many subdomains.

Add-On Domains

The majority of control panels will allow you to add a number of domains to the hosting. You can find these as “Add-on domains”. Now, you can pick an add-on domain to a particular website. Or you can simply leave it if you don’t want the domain to point to any website. It is noted that a parked domain can point to an available website. So in this condition, every request for that domain is redirected to another website of your preference.


The control panel also performs a vital role by allowing you to administer your email settings. This part permits you to create email addresses and set quotas for all accounts. You can also set up a catch-all email if you have this functionality. You can also set up mailing lists, autoresponders, and forwarders through this section.

Few hosts have the capability to look over the webmail from the control panel, and some provide anti-spam tools where you can choose whether or not to activate a spam filter and change your partiality on how to take control of emails marked as spam.


Majority of  control panels have a diversity  of  statistical analysis choices to help you develop your site. You can use the statistics to monitor security, examine traffic for search engine optimization or regulate  the efficiency of your site.

The data you can get from the provided statistics include:

Recently visitors

Total Number of visitors to the site

Citing website

Browser used

Where the browser navigated to inner site

How long has someone spent on this website.

Where they quit your site to go to.

All the information can help you to expand your website, marketing and let you know where you can work on your site.


You can control  the security of your site with special permissions for different parts of your site with the security section. This is  where you can make  password-protected directories, so any information accessed from that area of your site requires a username and a register password. If any visitor is creating trouble, you can block IP to deny that specific IP or block IPs from using your site. You can also enable hotlink protection to make sure no one is using  images of your website.


web hosts have provided one click applications which are available to help grow your website. That includes third party software applications. Fantastic is a popular addition. This is a software package that carries multiple applications. Whether your host is offering Fantastic or not, you can watch the following as additional software options in your hosting account:


Classified Ad Management

Content Management Systems

Customer Support Systems

Forums/Discussion Boards

Ecommerce Solutions

FAQ Management

Image Galleries

Mailing Lists



Project Management

Form Builders

Site Builders


File Manager

Planning is key. You need a flexible method to upload, remove and handle these files. Your control panel should present a GUI that authorizes quick and easy file management. The simpler the GUI, the better the site. Because whether you use a Word Files such as WordPress, or not, file management is a daily task for admins. Solving CMS issues is also much easier and faster with a file manager.


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