What Is a Custom Website

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Custom website

While creating a website for your business, you get to know many unheard terms. Custom websites are among them.

What’s a custom website?

In a custom website, every section of the website is designed for all your necessary stuff. Content and strategy come first and design is made around them.

Let’s check out the advantages of a custom website.

  • The custom design lets you cover the website throughout your market strategy.
  • A custom website is built just for your needs.
  • Custom websites are fully customizable.

Advantages of custom website-

  • Unique design – we get a variety of themes for our website. No other brand will get the same design which makes your company look unique in comparison to others.
  • Custom-fit- custom website design is low cost, and it allows you to create attractive templates.  You will get extra features like navigation, color scheme, visual graphic,s and more.
  • Branding – with attractive templates of a custom website your website will outclass other competitors, and it will get stuck in visitors’ minds they will stay longer and start visiting your website again and again.
  • SEO friendly- websites without SEO strategy will find themselves difficult to grow. SEO is the backbone of digital marketing and one can promote and get more visitors on their pages through this method.

Custom websites permit you to design your page according to SEO optimization. 

You can top the chart in search engines through this.

Controlling of website –

Custom websites give you access to handle them easily. You can independently control your website and code.

Cons of custom websites.

  • Expensive – Custom website design is quite expensive mainly because of the time it takes to build, also you need teams to handle this website. If you are planning to open small businesses and start-up avoid you might find this costliest.
  • Time took – custom websites take a lot of time to build. Getting crafted from scratch is one of the reasons behind this. If you are looking to make websites rapidly better go for template web design.
  • Need intensive testing – in a custom website you need to check regularly and test in all possible ways. You need to check whether the website has Customizing properly on a mobile and small screen. Loading speed and code validation are also required for proper testing.

Difference between custom website and template website .

Website design is a pre-made design that comes either free or sold online at the required cost. Some templates allow users to customize, such as choosing color or font, but not all features are customizable. If you are looking to open a website quickly and don’t have time to wait for more, you should opt for template design as it is easy to built and manageable. You don’t need an expert in designing to handle your website. One can customize the template itself. However, if you are looking to grow your business by communicating with visitors I’ll suggest you stay away from template design.

Advantages of template design Website

  • Low cost – The best thing about template design is, it is not the costliest design. You can easily make this without spending enough money.
  • Varieties of templates available – Template design provides you with various templates. You can set up any design you want. It will help you to attract more visitors by giving an attractive look to your website.
  • Short development time – Template designing is best for those who want a website as quickly as possible. You don’t have to wait long and can get a website rapidly.

Disadvantages of template design Website

If you don’t spend assets to edit contents and videos your website starts to look like another website as templates can be sold to another one.

Not an SEO friendly-friendly

Templates lack SEO customization mainly because they don’t have enough specifications like custom websites. Hence, it will not help your business to grow faster.

Custom website Advantages

With every function available here you can build your desired application on a custom website. In custom, design websites are made according to your requirements, and you can easily handle and operate this website easily. Security of custom websites is more reliable and advanced in comparison to template sites.

SEO friendly –

Custom websites are SEO friendly and one can easily grow their online business through this. Custom websites obey all SEO rules. The flexibility of this website is quite impressive. You can operate and set up as you desire.

Disadvantages of custom websites.

Custom websites come Costlier. You have to spend a good amount on this. You need teams for customization, security, and design purposes. As custom websites provide more options and specifications you need to pay more here.

Long construction time –

custom websites take a good amount of time to build. If you are looking to open a website very soon, a custom website will not be suitable there. Hence, you have to wait for the website to get ready.


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