What Are Good Techniques on How to Grow Your Instagram Organically

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In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram, an online photo-sharing platform and social network. Through its app, Instagram users can edit and share pictures and short videos. In addition to adding captions to their posts, users can use hash tags and geotags to index and make their posts searchable by other users. Using hash tags or geotagging, users can make their posts visible to the public and to their followers. In addition, users can make their profiles private so that only their followers can see their posts. Members of engagement groups are willing to like and/or comment on posts of other members in exchange for their own posts being liked and/or commented on.

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How to Grow Organically on Instagram

If one’s actions on the platform, there are two ways to increase your Instagram followers: through paid and organic ways. If one just starting out your Instagram marketing journey and are still not sure whether to spend money here or not, one is in the right place.

One doesn’t have to spend a penny if one follows the guide, but one needs patience and consistency because it does take time. However, with Instagram, slow and steady wins the race, allowing you to build an authentic and engaged audience that’s more likely to connect with your brand and convert. If you’re ready to organically increase your Instagram following, let’s dive in.

1.The Name of the Game is Consistency

There’s a reason this is on our list. The most basic and important thing you can do for your brand is to be consistent.

From the type of content, you post to the aesthetic appeal of your feed to the time of day you post, staying consistent allows your followers to know what to expect when they follow you. And let’s be real, they are following you because they like something you are doing with your account.

  1. Have a Strategic Posting Schedule

This goes hand in hand with consistency. You don’t want to just post whenever you feel like it. At least not when it comes to growing your business account! You need to be strategic with your posting schedule.

  1. Make a good first impression with your profile

  • Visitors’ first impressions of your Instagram page are your profile picture, username, bio, and highlights of your stories.
  •  In the next few minutes, we’ll share our recommendations with you.
  • It is a high-quality image.
  • Pixelate all photos and logos.
  • It looks great in the cropped circle.
  • A logo is commonly seen in this way.
  • Small sizes are not too hard to see.
  1. Tips for creating story highlights:

  • Titles should be short.
  • It’s enough to say one or two words. Those who exceed this limit aren’t able to read them.
  • Create your own highlight covers.
  • A polished profile will garner more attention if the covers clearly identify each highlight.
  • Incorporate pertinent stories into your presentation.
  • Highlights can live permanently on your profile, unlike Instagram Stories that disappear after 24 hours. Never pin highlights that will become irrelevant after tomorrow.
  1. Use appropriate Instagram #hash tags

Your brand is missing out on an opportunity if you are not using hash tags on your posts. Nevertheless, do not add hash tags just because they’re cool. Your brand’s credibility suffers as a result. Make sure your hash tags are relevant to both your post and your audience.

  1. Be aware of your audience

When you’re marketing your account, it’s a mistake to try to appeal to everyone.

  1. Take part in community events

Connect with others by visiting hash tags or locations relevant to your feed. Comments and likes are very important. Stay authentic – don’t overdo it. Participating in discussions on Instagram can build your authority and credibility, but you need to be genuine.

  1. Upload a story to your Instagram account

It has been proven that Instagram stories can increase your visibility and engagement with followers. In addition to adding polls and questions for followers to answer, posting will increase your chances of receiving direct messages from them.

  1. Organize contests and promotions

Contests and promotions would be the king of organic Instagram growth if there was such a thing.

  1. Follower encouragement in real life

Online and offline promotion is equally important. Encourage people to visit your Instagram account by talking to them in real life. Marketing materials should include your username as well.


As a whole, our Instagram experience has been enjoyable. The account that has been used is straightforward to run, despite the amount of content covered in this article. The ease with which one can schedule posts is due to the knowledge of the type of content our audience enjoys. Followers can then be interacted with by checking in with you. The hard work one’s put into growing Instagram organically will eventually pay off. With a loyal audience eager to consume your content, you can rest assured that you won’t risk being banned off of the platform.

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