Types of Websites we visit everyday

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Websites play a key role in online business, one can easily promote or sell their products here.

But many newcomers get confused when it comes to picking up accurate sites. From business to social work you can choose an accurate website for your page.

Let’s figure out some websites and their role


The home page is the nucleus of websites. You have to maintain them accurately to grab traffic on your site. Customers used to look at the homepage first. If they don’t find it worthy enough, they’ll switch to other sites. So make sure your homepage is setting up perfectly. You can edit and change the theme of your website whenever you want. Try to mention all details and motives of your website.

  1. E-Commerce Websites

Most admired websites in the last 10 years

Online marketing has reached all over the world and one can get any product by sitting at home. Being internet users you must have a deep understanding of e-commerce websites , you may have bought any product from here.

E-commerce sites sell various goods, they give you the option to buy products of any company. Various payment options are available in the form of cards, digital payment or cash on delivery.

If you are looking to open your e-commerce sites try to get knowledge in every prospect to make sure customers are not facing any problem during buying or payment.

  1. Business websites

E-commerce also comes under the category of business website but it’s not necessary to sell products on business sites.

One can promote their company or products here. Almost each and every business nowadays has their websites to get more customers. If you’re looking to give any offers or sales you can promote them all by showing on your websites. Choose your logo which looks attractive .

  1. Education websites

Online education has got huge popularity and traffic during lockdown from school to college, all classes taking place on online sites now. There are many big Institutes who have started their online classes from the last 4 or 5 years to make sure students who are not able to come to big cities also get high quality education at home. Skills are key in today’s world. Many education companies have started skills related education one can learn coding, digital marketing by sitting at home. They also provide certificate and placement services

  1. News websites

Newspapers are the most popular part of everyone ‘s morning. You can see people getting news with important articles onto their smartphones or pc.

Popular news channels have opened their websites with audio and video files. You can get news from all over the world with one click.

Although many news sites have private websites and only premium subscribers can read news articles there.

  1. Entertainment websites

Most popular field in websites competition, entertainment websites included movies, memes, songs, sports , politics and more.

If you’re looking to open entertainment websites you should write all in one contents from movies to sports. Craze of Hollywood and football is worldwide. If you cover up content related to these, chances of getting more traffic will increase on your sites. More ads will start coming into your web pages.

There are lots of entertainment pages available and patience is key here. If you have the ability to write quality content which the audience finds attractive, they’ll visit your website.

Try to insert pictures and videos into your content. This factor helps to get more views.

  1. Portfolio websites

Many artists, designers, actors and others are afflicted with creative platforms.

These websites Carrie’s samples of their works in gallery, you can even watch a demo of their creativity although mostly portfolio websites demand subscription to access files stored in a web Page’s.

If you want to show your creativity and find the perfect platform, portfolio websites are there for you.

  1. Nonprofit websites

You must have seen or even been part of various organizations who raise funds for needy ones.

If you want to do some social work and looking to raise funds you can start a nonprofit website don’t forget to insert the goal and motive of that site.

You can raise funds online for flood affected areas, education of poor kids, for people who are affected with serious disease and more.

You have to write everything clearly to get trust from the audience.

  1. Membership websites

Strategy used by site owners to earn money through websites. They upload demanding and regular content to make sure more people subscribe. They allow you to read the first two or three ( depending on various websites )  pages without subscribing and then ask you for payment for full access. Mainly magazine and educational related websites do this but the popularity of these websites is increasing rapidly, many popular websites are launching their best quality contents for premium members only.

Income is quite good through this site.

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