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Static web pages accommodate pages with allotted content. Every page is HTML coded and shows the same figures to everyone.  Static websites are the most comprehensive websites, and they are very easy to create.  Unlike the dynamic Website it doesn’t need any web programming and design.

Static websites are fixed, and their contents cannot be changed unless one can update with the webmaster. Static websites are mainly created by small businesses, as this website doesn’t have the ability to load multiple Pages. Dynamic websites are preferred by business related site’s as they have capabilities to accommodate pages as one wants.

Advantages of static websites. 


The connection couldn’t be established, this is one of the major problems of websites which owners often face. Database errors are the main reason behind these technical issues.  Static websites are redirected to other nodes when they face attacks unlike dynamic websites where websites go down for long hours.


Static websites are easier to use and handle, and it makes them faster in comparison to dynamic websites. Static websites don’t contain databases and this factor makes them faster. User’s expect websites to load faster as much as they can. Usually they switch to another website if the website takes more time to load.  Static websites get nods in this regard due to their simplicity.  Hence, static websites can easily fetch traffic by saving the time of user’s.

Hosting and price

Static websites contain only HTML documents which require a tiny amount of space which cost much less in comparison to dynamic websites which cost more in accommodations.

Static websites cost very less to develop.

Easy index – Google, Yahoo can easily indicate a static website as their files are code of HTML and CSS files.

Disadvantages static websites.

Limited function –

static website is not versatile like dynamic in providing each and every function. You can only get facilities of basic multimedia like image, videos and text. That’s what makes a dynamic website more likable for business purposes.

Not a good option for long run-

static website are simple and one cannot grow up their business through this. As business websites need regular updates with specific function which lacks in static website.

Hard to change –

You can’t change the content of static websites, which adds a huge disadvantage for website owners. It requires an expert level person to change and edit any content here.  HTML needs to change individually even if you’re changing for a single page.

Difference Between Static website and Dynamic website.

Static websites 

Static websites are simple and easy to develop websites. Having knowledge of programming is completely unnecessary here. Anyone can easily make a static website through various methods. Codes of this website are fixed and information can’t be changed. All people get to see the same page.

Static websites are not business friendly as contents are limited here, and business related websites need regular updates, which is completely lacking in static websites. You can’t grow your business through this website.


Static websites don’t cost much. You don’t have to spend a lot of pennies on this website as they’re easy to develop and maintain. It can be very useful for those people who are looking to open a website on a low budget.

Static website can be handled by anyone, you don’t have to hire any expert to manage your page, you can change and edit pages content on your own.

Static website loaded web pages easily and faster. This website is user-friendly as they get to read all contents in short time, and they don’t even have to wait long for page to load.

Dynamic website 

Dynamic website preferred by almost all online business owners. This website has the ability to take your business to the next level. One can easily drive and grow their online business in a short period of time.

Dynamic websites are more versatile as they provide lots of options into their sites. You can edit your content easily there unlike static website.

Dynamic website are SEO friendly, we all know how SEO play key role to gain traffic to websites. Competition is online marketing have seen huge surge in last 10 years. One have to make perfect SEO strategy to go on top of the search engines like google and yahoo.

Dynamic website provides you an option to add as much content into your website unlike static website where you can add and edit many contents.

Dynamic websites are not easy to create like static. You need experts to handle your page if you don’t have any knowledge of programming.

Dynamic websites are much costliest in comparison to static. Mainly because of facilities you get on dynamic websites.


Static websites are best when it comes to personal blogs or if you need non-business websites. This website is easy to use and can be handled by anyone without even knowledge of programming. Although you should opt for dynamic if you’re looking to expand your business it will give you more chances to grow your business fast and steady.

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