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On average people spend almost 4 hours a day with the digital market on their gadgets.

A responsive web design sets itself up automatically according to different sized screens. Users can access your website with any type of device without any problem.

Over 50℅ searches on the internet are done on mobile phones. Over 80℅ user’s who looking for a company on Google assuming to buy something. If a company website lacks many contrasts, it is likely that the company will lose the majority of customers. Although one can prevent this loss through a responsive website design which helps them to expand their businesses.

Imagine you are searching for a restaurant on the Internet on your phone to see but the text is so minimal that you find it hard to read it, or it’s so giant that it gets stretched, what do you normally do? In frustration, you will start thinking less favorably about that business.

And you might never lookout for that restaurant again because of your terrible previous experience.

With responsive web design, many businesses are eager to make smooth and pleasant web browsing. Many companies have been rewarded positively through this strategy.

How Responsive Websites Work

Usually, a website is made up of a set of files such as home page, page info. Each file carries HTML code and content. Web pages are modified with files known as Cascading Style Sheets. A non-responsive website has a composition of files and CSS files that set up the display of the site. Depending on the device a responsive website applies a set of CSS files.

The responsibility of sites totally depends on the devices. Imagine someone watching the site horizontally on a desktop while another one watching the same site vertically through mobile.

Importance of responsive websites.

Earlier, people used to access websites only through the desktop. The majority of people used to have the same size monitor. And all websites are specifically designed for average visitors. No one can access a website from a mobile phone that too on a relatively small screen. Consumers expect the website to adjust according to their device screen sizes. Many businesses spend on advertising on Google to increase the number of traffic rapidly, this strategy leads to increase revenue and sales of companies. Companies have started promoting and selling their products all over the world as mobile phones are available in each corner of this world. Although, still many websites are designed only for desktops despite knowing that mobile phones are leading the chart in today’s world. Not having proper infrastructure designed for internet users will prevent your business from growing. Sticking to desktop means business is not reaching for more traffic. According to research, about 50 percent of internet users are getting information on mobile phones.

Designing a website that is visible to only you and your team by spending a lot of money isn’t going to help grow your business.

Having a responsive web design benefits a lot in expanding business, considering the number of mobile phone users is relatively high in comparison to desktop only. Even google awards your business by showing your business in search results. Google reveals that they neglect desktop design sites mainly because having a dynamic website will be visible and accessible on any screen.

Importance of responsive websites for business. You must have a responsive website for gaining a competitive factor and maintain it later.

Let’s point out some marketing strategies.

57 percent of traffic comes from smartphones and tablets.

70 percent of online users explain that they go for those companies with mobile sites that comfortably address their quire.

60 percent of users say they don’t opt for businesses that have a poorly designed mobile site.

At this time users interact with mobile phones than any other device.

9 out of 10 users opt for mobile for their all necessary needs.

Why are responsive websites so popular?

Since 2010, the number of mobile phone users has increased drastically. More users are starting to access the internet on a handphone than a desktop. Two options were available at that time. The first one is to let each device have fixed dimensions and the second one is to make them dynamic and let them stretch according to screen size. Designers opt for a second solution to fit the website as per screen.


In this content, we have seen the importance and advantages of responsive web design. The number of mobile phone users has expanded rapidly. At this moment almost everyone has one phone available in their house.

The Internet world has become the backbone of marketing, especially the online one. If you want to expand your reach, try to build a website that is suitable for both mobile and desktop. Remember, the majority of online buyers are mobile phone users. Responsive web design helps your website to expand and stretch as per screen size.

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