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A Portfolio Website is a conclusive way to flaunt your work and reach those people who are looking for you. Portfolio website showcases your skills if you’re an actor, a writer, a programmer or in other fields you can get recognition through this website. You can upload a sample of your work which attracts people towards you, and it will make your work easier to get hired in your desirable company. The best thing about a portfolio is that one can show their skills anywhere with the availability of the internet.

Who uses a portfolio?

Photographers, video editors, comedians, actors and many more people with different skills use portfolios to increase their reach all over the world. You don’t need a CV as the portfolio can show your work sample, videos of your work visually. You can easily organize your work at this place. On Portfolio, you can make never seen unique content, and you can achieve well deserved recognition. At this place you might get hired fast as companies hire people here on the basis of skills.

How to make a portfolio?

Portfolio is easy to develop and make. If you’re a programmer or designer all you need to do is to put all your skills into your portfolio sites.  And if you have zero knowledge of website making, you can opt for a builder to create one for you. While making a portfolio website try to describe all your skills into it also for which purpose you have made this website. It will help people to know more about you so add all your information in that.

What points should your Portfolio Website have?

About page – this point is considered the most dominant in a website. Insert your name, photos, contact info with what skills you have, your passion, your talents, avoid lying and write only those skills you really have.

Lay out your best contents – show them what talents you are having and how you do your job. Impress visitors by adding a few samples for free on your portfolio. Case studies- show your journey from beginners to final consequence. Let visitors understand your work deeply.

Blogging- write about yourself, your work experience with various companies if you have any.  Introducing yourself shows your hobbies, achieving these factors adds lots of value in your CV.

Vital features to add in your portfolio website.

Design –

Most essential part of your portfolio website. To attract good numbers of Customers, you need to set a delightful design. Remember, first impressions are crucial in any site and for that you must accommodate your site in an attractive method. You can choose three fonts for description, and try not to overdo it. It might backfire, put only relevant stuff and avoid all unnecessary animations.

High quality images –

it also falls in the category of designing, and you need to choose precise images for your portfolio website. This point is not only limited to photographers, even if you belong to a blog or articles writing field you should do the same. Having relevant images on sites fascinates more traffic. Pluck high resolution images are preferred by many experts on portfolio.

Testimonials –

Ask your former clients to give a brief review of your work. Mostly visitors looking for this for getting more figures of your work. Having good work reviews can help you to bid more traffic on your site. Try to put all your testimonials down the website and make their slideshow. This is the most common method used by various freelancers.


website is all about content, isn’t? Well, having good content can easily fetch traffic for your website. Content provides a wonderful way to grow the number of visitors on your pages. If you’re not good at writing contents, better switch to audio or video strategy and post your contents on your portfolio website.

Social media –

social media, Carrie’s lots of potential to gain a huge amount of reach. Many people get popular overnight through social media. Add your all active social media accounts on your website. Nowadays, social media marketing has gained an immense amount of popularity.

Your journey

Tell visitors about your journey, how you got started, what difficulties you have faced throughout all the expedition. Sometimes many people look out for other successful creators to get an idea of that field.

Conclusion –

A portfolio website is a platform where you can showcase your work and skills to others. This website is your workplace. You can put all your professional work here to let others recognize your talents and work. Writers, editor’s, teachers, musicians majority of them use portfolio websites and have become independent to display all the skills they have. This website will give wings to your profession or passion, and you will get the opportunity to do better in your respective field. Portfolio is most vital for freelancers through this they can get recognition from big companies.

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