IT Company in Small City

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A Small City/A Rural Area, Which is that place where no one is aware of Technologies. What is
Information Technology? How can they grow their small business with the help of an IT Company?

If an IT Company is established in a small-town then they will be aware of so many things from
a Person to Environment. Innovation and technological change can bring new solutions for rural
regions to overcome their remoteness to markets, higher transportation costs, and lack of critical
mass, and increase rural resilience

How Company will Help:-

1-Rural Development:- A place which wasn’t aware of Technologies and doesn’t have any
connection with outside the world but When a Company will establish there then they will know
many things and that place will also change like-Education, Transport, Environment,
Telecommunication, etc.

2-Education:- In India, there are approx. 80% area is a rural or small town. And 68% of
Children’s from this area aren’t getting the education and the Reason, their parents aren’t aware
of Education and if they are They doesn’t have good School or College in their area. We all
know the power of Education so when a company will be there people will also know the Higher
Education and their fields. If people will know then they will try to provide better education for
their children.

3-Transport:- Having better Transport In Rural areas is like finding a needle in the forest. Lack of
Transport to travel is also a reason that people aren’t aware of the outside the world. In rural
areas, people aren’t having good vehicles and if they will have that’s also will not change their
life. The reason, not having roads. We all know the condition of roads in India. wanna tell you
about pits on roads can’t define. If IT Company will establish then Transport will be better and
this will change the life of Small Town people.

4-Environment:- Environment, Our personality tells everyone that in which environment we live.
we all know Environment impacts in our life. I wanna tell you about Environment we heard about
Mugil. a human which was raised in the Forest surrounding with the Animals. When the Rescue
team found that boy then he was behaving like an animal, doesn’t know anything about humans.
How humans live. What they eat. How they talk, When in a Small Town IT Company
will establish then definitely they’ll be aware of so many things rather than Technologies. Which
will make their life much better. They’ll meet new people and learn many things.

5-Telecommunication:- Rural communities face a lack of digital connectivity in comparison with
urban areas, especially in terms of broadband quality. Low-speed networks (less than 20 Mbps)
can prevent communities from benefitting from many technologies. When an IT Company will
establish there then they will get high-speed internet and they can learn anything from Google
or any other online platforms. We all know Pandemic because of this everything is now Online
Education, Jobs everything. so without or low-speed data isn’t gonna help us. so the Internet is
always necessary for our life.

Effect on Small Business to Grow:-

1-Job Opportunity:- Shaping career pathways focused on skills rather than jobs makes it easier
for people to make occupational transitions and enhances the life-long productive capacities of
the rural labor force. You can find better employees in rural areas with low payments. and the
hard work of those people will make your company profitable.

2-Less Competition:- Unlike urban areas, where the competition among businesses is immense,
rural areas tend to have less competition. In a rural town, you would have few competitors,
depending on your industry or niche. That would give you a steady and extensive customer
base as long as you are fulfilling a need.

3-Global Recognition:- In this rural and IT Company both will get profit by getting the global
recognition. a place that wasn’t known by anyone outside that small town. but after an IT
Company, they will know by many places and people. A small town will know by the outside the
specific area.

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