How to Increase Instagram Story Views

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In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram, an online photo-sharing platform and social network. Through its app, Instagram users can edit and share pictures and short videos. In addition to adding captions to their posts, users can use hashtags and geotags to index and make their posts searchable by other users. Using hashtags or geotagging, users can make their posts visible to the public and to their followers. In addition, users can make their profiles private so that only their followers can see their posts.

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  1. Develop and publish different types of content

In order to schedule your Instagram Stories in advance, you need an editorial calendar. Better scheduling provides a better user experience for your followers because they will know when the next Stories from you will be published.

By keeping your audience engaged, consistency will keep them close to you. It displays your ability to know what you are doing, to do it with a purpose, and to be truthful to your intentions.

  1. Engage your followers with stickers

Storytelling is a fantastic way to interact with your audience. Using IG stories, you can increase interaction by posting polls, questions, emoji sliders, and stickers.

  1. Reveal new content

Teasers belong in stories. Giving your audience a quick sneak peek at a new piece of content by posting partial images can be a great way to surprise them with new content.

  1. Limit the offer

The average person loves discounts and the ability to tell the good deals from the not-so-good ones. No matter what kind of promotion you have, you can promote it via Instagram Stories.

  1. Tag locations with location information

 With location tags, you get to address a specific demographic group and that group only. Thus, you can better strategist your marketing campaign and make sure you are targeting the right people for your business. That is, of course, if you have a local business and not a global one.

  1. Use hashtags

The use of hashtags will help increase your brand’s exposure on Instagram Stories. Only stickers and text can be used as hashtags in the image itself. To maintain the readability of the IG story, you should aim at using a couple of hashtags so you can still keep the focus on the visual.

  1. Write about the best stories you’ve ever heard

The “Highlights” section is one of the most useful additions to the Instagram Stories feature. With this feature, you can keep any story that you want to keep forever. Anyone can view it whenever they want. Stories disappear after 24 hours, as you may already know. By storing them with Highlights, you turn volatile content into permanent content.

  1. Zoom in and out using a super zoom

We haven’t yet mentioned this feature in this article, but it’s another one available in Instagram Stories. Super zoom allows you to easily construct an entire story from a single idea or image, and it’s a great addition to your creative process.

  1. Send targeted Instagram stories to your group

Instagram DM groups are another easy and effective way to reach a specific audience. The “direct message” option allows you to create groups based on certain factors you determine to be important for your marketing strategy. Furthermore, you can deliver content to such groups directly. The same is true for Instagram Stories

  1. Your stories can feature Spotify music and podcasts

The power of music to bring people together is unmatched by any other form of communication. Unless you are extremely familiar with your audience and know that you share similar interests with them, you should not use this idea. By using this emotional strategy, you can reach them easier and faster if this is the case.

  1. Testing, analysing, comparing, and repeating

Once you’ve shared a significant amount of content on Instagram Stories, you’ll be able to begin tracking your analytics. In particular, analyse each story you write and your entire activity as a whole. Assess interaction, impressions, reach, and other metrics. Comparing your Stories with your other stories and, if possible, with the content distribution of your competitors.

  1. Re-sharing: Unlock its potential

There’s a good chance that you have a lot of content that you already shared elsewhere. In addition, you may see a lot of content from other users. The best pieces can be reposted on Instagram Stories from all of these sources.

  1. Utilize Instagram’s type mode to create balanced Instagram stories

A simple, effective, and readable message can be delivered with excellent typography.

  1. Branded content will increase audience engagement

When done correctly, brand content is an excellent choice for marketing campaigns. Branded content, including hashtags, are good choices for this. Photos, videos, behind-the-scenes, and even screenshots can be used as long as they are suitable for the audience and the message you intend to convey.

  1. Hold weekly live sessions

In the last couple of years, live sessions have become increasingly popular. You can find them on YouTube, Facebook, and they are on their way to replacing traditional TV shows. Friends who want to join your live video can send you requests when you host it.


When it comes to marketing, Instagram is an extremely powerful tool. Additionally, Stories provide you with a simple and effective method for delivering accurate and truthful information to your audience, information that has not been tampered with and is authentic.

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