Facebook Dark Mode on iPhone Problem- how to fix it now

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The recent Facebook pronouncements will benefit groups in the long run without a doubt. Facebook groups are an essential feature for communities right now. Real communities aren’t easy to form. A few months or even weeks after forming a group, people abandon it if no progress is made.

Facebook Dark Mode on iPhone Problem — how to fix it now

Dark mode disappeared from Facebook’s iOS and Android apps this week, and while the problem is understood to be being resolved, iPhone users still have the option of manually reactivating the dark mode. Even though the process is somewhat lengthy, it might be worth trying for those who don’t want to wait for Facebook’s organic fix.

Facebook’s dark mode was apparently removed with an update to its iPhone and Android apps. However, the issue did not impact all Facebook users, even though it was noted to affect users in multiple countries. In spite of the issue’s widespread nature, many Facebook users experienced daily difficulties because of the dark mode issue.

Apparently, Facebook is working on a fix both for Android and iOS. It is possible for some users to now use dark mode again, but there is still no guarantee likely to be some that are still missing the option to enable the dark theme option. If using an iPhone, Tech Radar reports simply uninstalling the Facebook iOS app and then reinstalling it again from the App Store is likely to fix the problem and re-add the dark mode setting again,

The iPhone Still Doesn’t H ave Dark Mode

Users may find that uninstalling and reinstalling an app does not solve the problem completely. According to Tech Radar, there is also a bizarre workaround that may be a more guaranteed way to fix the problem. It is essentially necessary to open and close the Facebook app. It is possible to force close the Facebook iOS app by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and then swiping away from it. To configure Facebook from the iPhone’s general settings menu, navigate to the Apps section and locate Facebook. This may be causing Facebook’s cache to be cleared and reset, which then brings back dark mode. Tech Radar suggests this method might be causing Facebook’s cache to be cleared and reset, which will probably issue a fix.

Facebook users who want to use a darker theme when navigating the app should give this unusual fix a try as it has been confirmed to work on multiple iPhone models. The fix can be applied by Facebook if you want to take that option. Android users have already been impacted by the issue, and Apple’s iPhone users should receive a similar fix in due course.


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