Android App vs Flutter and React Applications.

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Both Flutter and Android are developed by Google. The first-ever flutter project begins at google and the world-first flutter SDK was released in 2017.

In today’s world, almost every company have built their own app. The popularity of applications has gone to the next level.

Android and flutter both provide a specialty to build cross-platform applications by using a single programming language.

In this article, we will point out the advantages and disadvantages of both Android and flutter.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source software development kit that offers reactive views without the need for javascript.

Developers can build up native-looking iOS and Android apps with a single codebase. Reusing code on various platforms, reactive performance is key reasons for the developers to opt for a flutter framework for app development.

Let’s check out how Flutter works.

The key thought of making flutter is the utilization of widgets. Developers can create the entire UI with a combination of different widgets. Widget display layout, structural elements, and more.

Dart programming language is used by flutter. A flutter is a dynamic tool and one can resolve any issue of the project with the help of flutter.

Flutter is free software and open-source utilized by many developers and organizations all over the world. Flutter cut down the cost and issue of the application across various platforms and also boosted up the development process. It helps the developers to show the original design without any loss.

Many top well-known brands have been developed with flutter. Some of the examples are Alibaba, cryptography, reflecting, Hamilton, and many more.

Top advantages of Flutter

Let’s check out how flutters make themselves better than any other frameworks.

  1. Faster Coding

In flutter, developers can modify and change the code and spot it directly into the app. This feature is termed a hot reload. Hot reload takes just milliseconds to insert a bug fix, features, and also faster when it comes to experimenting.

Native apps take more time to rebuild but flutter cuts down the time in the developing process that means app production costs will also be very less.

  1. Less Testing

The testing process in flutter becomes much faster as the same code is used on various platforms.

The developers can check out the app work by testing on just for once. This specification helps developers to save time and allows them to launch the application very sooner.

  1. Desire design

Flutter made design quite easy. You can customize or modify your widget. You can attract more traffic to your app with these specifications. Chances of brand value will also increase sharply.


Coding has become faster with Android studio. The fastest coding and workflow are provided through this. Developer tools and code editing both commence in Android studio. Android studio is started by java development for programming purposes.

The popularity of applications has reached the next level and a minimum of 1.6 million apps are available to download at the play store and the number is likely to increase rapidly in the coming days.

Let’s check out the advantages of Android studio.

Instant Run

Now changes made on the code can be visible on the devices through the instant run feature. The development cycle will become more skillful through this. After clicking on the instant run button all changes will be analyzed and get placed in a quick strategy. It will be working on any Android phone.

App Indexing

Now the user can find out the app on the google search engine very easily. Android studio facilitates the best URL structure to application code and allows the engineer to insert attributes in the Androidmanifest.xml record without any problem.

Both features help in google app indexing. One can validate code and test the result for getting a better result


Top cross-platform applications can be developed by both flutter and Android studio. Both have their own pros and cons. Although Android is a great tool, flutter has an advantage as it has a hot load feature.

Best cross-platform apps can be built with both Android Studio and Flutter. Both have advantages and disadvantages of their own. Android studio is a superior tool and Flutter is better than Android Studio because of its Hot Load feature.

In Android, studio applications can be developed which have better specifications in comparison to applications that have been made with cross platforms.

Applications developed from flutter will be as native apps. Flutter will be a great choice if you are looking to create a mobile app with custom needs and requirements for both Android and iOS. One can build superior, scalable with faster development.

The choice of Android and flutter totally depends on your requirements. Both have immense amounts of popularity all over the world.

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