What is Banner designing ( web banner, social media banner, product banner).

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If you are looking to boost up your online engagement with banner ads, You must be wondering how can I make a web banner design that people will desire to click.

  • A web banner is the most popular form of marketing used in the current online world and it comes in all sizes and shapes. Web design is built up to develop the most Clickable banner advertisements.
  • Banner ads represent the product or brand on the web pages. Most companies use web banners to expand their business as much as possible.
  • A designer needs to keep several things in mind while creating a web banner. First, what is the size and shape of the web banner? Normally web banners are oval in shape. Although some web banners are square-shaped also.
  • You will need to think about the shape and size of the banner to make sure what the dimension of the banner is going to be.
  • Some web banners appear big while some absolutely tiny. Although this totally depends on who is asking you to create it and where it is going to be placed. Keep in mind many websites have bounding or size restrictions also.
  • Ad blockers have been introduced to keep users engaging on pages without any distractions.
  • Many people opt for this, so try to make small size web banners to make sure users are not getting annoyed because of that.
  • One more point to keep in mind is to understand whether the web banner is animated or static.
  • In static web, paper ads don’t change and stick in the same design. Just like newspapers.
  • Animated web banners have attractive elements as the composition of the animation; they are just like small movies or stories.
  • Web banners showing to users depend upon many factors. You need to figure out the purpose and content or banners.

Some insensitive ads don’t pop on to friendly websites.

So, how can you make and design web banner ads that will engage those clicks? Here is a list of tips and general guidelines for banner designs ads.

Keep your banner ads accurately

Buy space on a website where your design gets published above the fold and close to the vital content of a page.

Maintain hierarchy

Banner ad design depends upon the accurate balance within each ad, so keep an eye on your hierarchy. Effective banner ads are designed to expand brand awareness and to get more traffic to your website. They have three basic components:

Your company logo

Your company logo should be involved to expand brand awareness. Make sure it is dominating visually.

The value proposition

The value proposition shows the all attractive offers and prices on specific products.

Such as discount offers on special occasions like festivals. This will cover up the majority of space and should be the first thing viewers will spot.

The call to action

The call to action or CTA department is a button that invites visitors to click on links. Such as learn more, watch now, homepage.

Use the correct file formats

Flash ads have become outdated and it’s better for you to opt for trending formats.

Files like JPG, PNG, GIF, or HTML5 should be your working deliveries. Your designers will be working in Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to make JPG, GIF files, or PNG.

Opting for relevant photos and graphics should be your priority. Make sure your ads are directly related to your products. No confusing ads as it will frustrate your audience.

You can purchase an affordable license for photos. Millions of photos are available there.

Try to pick up an original graphic developed by a designer.

Keep in mind that it’s not important to use just images in your banner ads. Nice typography has the potential to bring up effective results.

Social media banner.

You must have seen images on the top of social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. The real reason behind it is to attract the attention of users with a creative and delightful design. Social media is necessary for selling your products.

According to some industry owners, an attractive image in social media channels is a strategy to create a consistent and professional outlook. One can increase sales and engagement of your products through this.

There are a lot of professional tools available on the internet for creating and designing a social media banner. You can opt for anyone who suits your project best.


The Internet is ruling this world, especially when it comes to online marketing. Owners of businesses try their best in every prospect to outclass their competitors. Web banners play a big and most crucial role in attracting a good amount of traffic which helps your business to get recognition rapidly. Try to get attractive and relevant banners to get more engagement into your business website.

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