Website Redesigning. 

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Redesign stands for modification, improving, or changing something that already exists. Website redesigning is mainly about changing colors, buttons, and menus. A website if left design poorly mostly leaves a bad impact on the company’s image. A well-mannered design website helps a company to expand its business and generate proper leads.

Facts about website design.

Making a crowded website is the most common mistake a business makes while designing a website. Visitors ended up pressing the back button after getting confused.

  • Users take just 0.05 seconds to give an opinion about a website, whether they like the website or not.
  • At least 40℅ of users avoid engaging with a website if they find website content unattractive.
  • 90℅ users never come back to those websites which have given them a bad experience.

When to know if your website needed to be redesigned?

  • Designing a website takes a good amount of time, and it cannot be done overnight. It takes a huge effort to check if your website is working properly or not.
  • The internet is changing quite fast. People are using various devices for exploring websites. Make sure your website is able to adapt to new technology.
  • The page takes time to load.
  • Users wait for two seconds to load a website. Website loading too late frustrate users and that will leave a negative impact on your website
  • Users usually switch to other websites in this condition. Having a faster and stable website is necessary to gain a positive impact. Although slow loading might not lead to redesign a website because your website might have an attractive design but page loading is an issue there. In that case, the Larger file might be the main reason behind it.
  • Having images of high resolution on websites might slow down the time of loading, and it will leave a bad impact on users’ experience.

Technical errors.

  • With various useful tools now you can check if your website is working properly. Look out for all technical faults. If you find out too many issues with your website, you can opt for a redesign.
  • Anti-mobile-friendly website.
  • Mobile-friendly websites are one of the most vital factors especially in a smartphone era where users are growing rapidly.
  • The main job of responsive design is to set up website content according to the screen size of users.
  • Check your website if it is being penalized regularly. These are signs of something wrong with your website design, and it needs a fixation as soon as possible.

How long are visitors staying?

According to the 8 seconds rule, every owner of a website should be able to stay their visitors on the website for a minimum of 8 seconds. Websites will fail to impress them If visitors shut down the website within 8 seconds. 8 seconds are enough for a web surfer to take a call for your website.

This 8 seconds rule applies to new visitors only. It is all upon you to impress them with your creative content. If visitors fail to get the information they want quickly and steadily, it means your website requires modification.

For how long it takes a website to get redesigned?

Usually, the website design process gets completed in under 30 to 50 days. But some websites take more time to accomplish due to two factors. The scope of the project and how complex the project is.

A website with a simple and static design consisting of 10 to 20 pages takes around 40 days. But one needs to understand that every website is different and has its own requirements, though every redesign depends on company expectations.

As mentioned above, your project determines how long the website is going to take to get redesigned. If you are not getting the proper idea or suffering in dilemma then you should quickly google all the best websites. Show them to your web developer and tell them about the budget and frame.

Factors that affect the time to complete a website design:

Type of design

  1. Usually, a website with 30 pages will take more period of time to develop, depending on if the design is different from one page to another.
  2. The number of pages matters, but designs also play a key role.
  3. Remember a number of pages are vital, but types of design also matter a lot.
  4. A website with various inner pages has proven to be costly and time-consuming.

Number of developers involved

The formula of the more the people, the quicker work will be done, is not applicable to web designing. From developers to designers, each person will take their own time to get their job done. This is another factor that determines how long it is going to take for redesigning the website.

Website Redesign Process

The next step is to focus on the process of website redesigning. Before getting into the new look of the website. It is important to provide facilities through a validated strategy.

The most common mistake people make is they follow their own aptitude. Remember, you have to build a website by looking at users or customers’ prospects. You are here to create something extraordinary for your buyers.

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