Where is the outlook Pst file

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In this composition, we read about the pst file. So, originally we discussed what’s pst file is in outlook?

When you use Microsoft Outlook, your mail dispatches, timetable, tasks, and other particulars are saved on a correspondence server, on your computer, or both. Outlook particulars that are saved on your computer, are kept in an Outlook Data File (. pst and. ost ). There are two types of Outlook Data Files used by Outlook. An Outlook Data File (. pst ) is used for maximum accounts. However, your particulars are generally delivered to and saved on the correspondence server, If you’re using a Microsoft Exchange account. To allow you to work with your communications even when you can’t connect to the mail server, an alternate type of data file that’s named an offline Outlook Data File (. ost ) is kept on your computer.
Outlook Data Files (. pst) is used for POP3, IMAP, and web- rested mail accounts. When you want to produce archives or back up your Outlook folders and items on your computer, similar to Exchange accounts, you must produce and use another. pst, lines. Outlook Data Files (. ost) are always clones of particulars that are saved on a mail server and don’t have to be backed up like Outlook Data Files (. pst).

Now, we discussed where is the outlook pst file located?

• First, click the Start Menu icon and in the search box.

• Also, Type in-app data in Microsoft Outlook
Press Enter to continue.

• After entering this you’ll see the list and also show your pst file but it’s depending on your mail setup the name also can be different, but it’ll be the default, it’ll be called outlook.pst.
This is done you’ll successfully find your pst file.
But sometimes pst lines aren’t found in the default location. In that case, follow the steps below.

How To Find Outlook PST Lines Not In The Default Location?

• Firstly, In Outlook, located right underneath All Mail Items Right- Click Personal Folders.

• After this On the context menu that appears Click Properties for “ Personal Folders.”

• Also in the Outlook Today Properties window, Click Advanced.

• After clicking you’ll see In the pop-up, you’ll find the location of your PST lines.

• Then copy the location and Paste it in explorer, or just browse to get them.
It’s so helpful to find the pst files in the outlook.

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