What Are The Ways To Deal With Alexa Setup Error ?

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So if you read our post, then it’s for sure that you already face difficult on your Alexa setup. Thus, our this website for you as here we tell you the ways to deal with Alexa setup error. Firstly, we want to tell you that you are not the single one who is facing this problem. There are a lot more people who are facing the same problem too.

In our last post, we tell you the process of Echo dot setup now, let’s start the ways to deal with the errors. So, below, we mention some of the ideas for you to deal with the failure of Alexa setup. So, kindly do read them carefully but, still, if your problem is not solved then take experts advice for it.

4 Ways To Deal With Error Of Alexa Setup 

Here, in below, we penned down four easy ways to deal with this error in detail. All you need to do is read them sequence as by reading them one by one, you will quickly get it.

1. From Your Phone Uninstall Alexa 

If you stuck in the white screen on your Alexa app even, you wait for some time. Still, if it doesn’t remove the white screen then, you should uninstall the Alexa app from the device of yours. For uninstalling Alexa, follow the usual methods to uninstall the app from the iPhone or an Android device.

2. Switch Unable Network Or Wi-Fi

Some of the devices networks like OnePlus and Samsung, you have to disable the Wi-Fi setting of Smart Network. For doing that, follow the instructions mention below;

  1. Open the device settings if you were stuck on the process of setup and leave the Alexa app.
  2. Go to the Wi-Fi Settings on the phone of yours. In the older phone of Samsung, you’ll find Smart network switch-on the screen itself. Uncheck the option if it’s on.

3. Change Time And Date In Your Phone (Device)

Due to a conflict in the time and date of your phone, many times Alexa and Echo do not complete the setup process correctly. So, one need to change the time and date settings of your device to Automatic from Manual. For doing that you need to open the device settings on the phone and navigate to the time and date settings. Enable to fix for Automatic time & date. Meanwhile, if you are looking forward to an of app calendar, here’s our comparison between Google Calendar and Sol Calendar.

4. Web-view And Update Android System Of

A regular user will never think of updating the apps if they are facing an Alexa setup problem on Echo of their. Still, surprisingly, if an update exists then, you need to update that to fix this problem. From the Play Store, You have to update the Android System WebView. For doing that you need to follow the steps mentioned below;

1, Firstly, on your device open the Play Store app and search for WebView of Android System.

  1. In case you see a button of an update for Android System WebView, click that to update the app. Once when it updated, try to set up Amazon Echo and Alexa setup again.

So, we hope by using these ways your Alexa setup error is now, fix smoothly. But, still, if you have any problem then like we said kindly concern your technician for instant solution.

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