What Are The Process Of Roku Streaming Setup For 4K?

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In this blog, we will tell you the complete process of Roku streaming setup for 4K. But, before that first, know what is 4k or what does it signifies. So, the word or term 4K is also called 4K Ultra High Definition (HD). 4K UHD belongs to the resolution of the TV, which is a measure of how much information you can see on the screen. The decision of the traditional 1080p Full HD TV is edition to 1,920 columns and 1,080 rows of pixels. And while the 4K Ultra HD TV has an increased resolution of 2,160 rows and 3,840 columns of pixels. With the help of four times the resolution of 1080p, 4K provides an improvement in picture clarity over existing HD resolutions.


The following mention steps are required to enjoy 4K Ultra HD content on a compatible Roku player.

1, Compatible 4K Ultra HD TV with an accessible HDMI 2.0 input that supports HDCP 2.2.
2. Roku player capable of streaming 4K Ultra HD.
3. Good connection of internet with enough bandwidth to stream 4K Ultra HD (up to 25 Mbps may be needed).
4. Service of few streamings like Netflix with a plan that supports streaming in 4K Ultra HD.
5. Premium High-Speed HDMI® Cable (*not required when connecting Roku® Streaming Stick®+ directly to compatible TV)


How To Find 4k Among All The Channels

Finding 4K channels in the Roku Channel Store is easy. Here, we would tell you that you or anyone can browse the Roku Channel Store directly from your Roku streaming setup device. Now, below, you will find the easy steps for this so, kindly read that.

1. Press or tap the Home button on your Roku remote.
2. Scroll the list up or down and select Streaming Channels.
3. Choose 4K UHD Content Available to browse channels that offer 4K content;

some will also provide you with TV shows and movies in 4K HDR. Contact the channel provider to learn if they contain content in 4K HDR.

Searching 4K and 4K HDR content across various channels

A channel called 4K Spotlight lists channels that offer 4K content, showcases 4K and 4K HDR movies and TV shows that are available across various channels in different categories. 4K Spotlight is installed on Roku streaming players which support 4K. In case your Roku device supports 4K, and you don’t see the 4K Spotlight channel then, use the instructions above to find and add the channel. Once you have added the 4K Spotlight channel, use the steps penned
below to access it.

1. Press the Home button on Roku Remote.
2. Select Home from the left menu to view your channel lineup. Here, kindly notice when browsing, press Reverse scan or Forward scan on your Roku remote to move up or down one page.
3. Select 4K Spotlight as at a time you select a movie or TV show, you will be asked to launch the channel that offers the content. If the channel is not installed on your Roku device, you will be prompted to add it before the 4K or 4K HDR movie or TV show can be viewed.


Some Important Notes On Roku Streaming Setup For 4K

1, First, movies and TV shows available in 4K or 4K HDR may require a channel subscription or a one-time fee.
2, And lastly kindly remember the movies and TV shows streamed in higher picture quality formats.

For example, 4K, and 4K HDR require more bandwidth and therefore need higher internet speeds. Do check with the channel provider for bandwidth requirements.

So, the above mentions are some crucial tips (notes) and the Roku Streaming Setup For 4K. Still, if you have any questions on Roku setup then, do contact our experts.

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