Ways to Fix Samsung Smart TV Remote Not Working Issue

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Samsung has fabricated an incredible name for themselves as quality television creators, and their Smart televisions have assumed a critical part in that standing, carrying extraordinary provisions and accommodation to your fingertips, all moved into the actual TV with no additional gadgets essential.

Resetting is the most effortless way of fixing your Samsung smart television remote:

  • Remove the batteries from your remote
  • Unplug the television from the divider
  • Wait 60 seconds
  • Plug the television back in
  • Wait till the television returns on
  • Put the batteries back in the remote, check whether it worked

Hardly any individuals will prevent the allure from getting this sort of usefulness, however it is just advantageous when it works. If your remote quits working, out of nowhere those valuable elements are not really helpful. Luckily, there are a lot of things you can attempt before you dispatch your remote to the rubbish. Continue to peruse to discover how to deal with a Samsung Smart television remote not working.

Most ideal ways of fixing Samsung Smart television Remote Issues

There are a few reasons that might cause your Samsung Smart television remote to quit working, going from the unmistakable to the emphatically not self-evident. We’ve arranged the absolute most normal reasons for this issue underneath.

For the beginning, here is a Samsung savvy remote control manual, which will give you itemized data on the most proficient method to manage your remote.

  1. Actually look at your Organization/Network

This can be a decent beginning stage on the grounds that without a legitimate Web association your smart television or remote won’t ever work the manner in which they ought to. In addition, connecting things and out never harmed anyone, so how about we try it out.

  • Unplug your modem, router, television
  • Wait for around 1 moment
  • Plug them back in
  1. Introduce the remote control application

This progression alone will not tackle the issue, yet if you can handle the television from your cell phone with next to no issues you can carry out the issue of the television programming.

  1. Get another WiFi module

Typically, it comes appended with the force button and IR sensor and can be the guilty party. So when the WIFI module isn’t working, the television is by all accounts stuck trusting that the organization will react. They are extremely modest, proliferate 10 dollars, and can assist you with pairing your remote with the Samsung television. Supplant it with the new WiFi module and subsequent to assembling everything back, processing plant reset the television.

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  1. Clean the IR sensor/remote

This arrangement is free and can be executed without any problem. Just blow on the terminals of the sensor and the link that interfaces with the board, they may get dusty and don’t get the sign appropriately. You can do exactly the same thing with the sensor on your remote to ensure it is spotless and prepared to work.

  1. Change level batteries

We said some of them were glaring, and it doesn’t get significantly clearer than level batteries. In the event that your remote isn’t working, the first thing to look at is whether the batteries are of juice. The simplest way of doing this is to attempt one more arrangement of batteries in your remote that you know are acceptable.

  1. Check remote is paired

We know; the remote was paired previously, is there any valid reason why it wouldn’t be paired at this point? Lamentably, in the realm of innovation, things like this can occur. In case you are confused with regards to why your remote isn’t working, and the batteries weren’t the issue, it merits ensuring the remote is as yet paired to the television. Press and hold the Return and Play/Interruption buttons for around 5 seconds. Your television will start adjusting with the smart Remote.

  1. Actually take a look at your television’s Product Updates

Both parties deserve equal credit here, so it very well may be not your remote causing the issue, but rather the television. The issue with the television’s product may happen, so we should preclude this one by checking in case there is something that necessities doing. The cycle may vary from one television to another, yet here is an overall principle.

  • Go to Setting⇒All Settings/Backing
  • Select Programming Update
  • Select Organization. Skirt this progression in case it’s inaccessible
  • Select Yes/OK to introduce the update


Samsung’s Smart television remotes put an abundance of accommodation readily available, so it is justifiably disappointing when they turn sour. That being said, while equipment deficiencies are certainly feasible, issues like this are frequently the aftereffect of an entirely fixable issue that won’t require another remote or a visit from a subject matter expert.

Simply make sure to take as much time as is needed and cover every one of the various conceivable outcomes, since you can ensure that on the off chance that you avoid one likely issue, it will wind up being that issue that is the issue.

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