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As to the rapid growth of watching content online people tend to face many problems related to connectivity, server problem and many more like this.  While seeing to it there are various surveys that shows Samsung is used by most of the people. As because Samsung is quite affordable and has a good frame in the market. Samsung users tells how much it is good and easy to use but in other hand they face many technical issues. It happens like if we’re browsing the online content on the smart TV. and then suddenly an error message comes on the screen. The error message appears as “Unable to connect to Samsung server. Please try again later (189).”

But this could be with various reasons, like not having sufficient internet. If internet would not be sufficient, how much anyone try can’t help with it until and unless good network reaches to the server. As sometimes Samsung server gets offline and at that time the error will occur. If so, then this error is temporary and can be solve easily but till then waiting is the only option until the  main server comes online.

Let’s see in detail why Samsung server occurs?

There are a lot of reasons behind the Samsung TV. Unable to connect to it’s server like-

  • Internet data corrupted: if the smarty hub got corrupted then smart hub can cause error and the tv will not work.
  • DNS issue: if we have set the wrong DNS address on smart tv, then the error could occur. And if that happens one should check and change it to the correct way and by inputting each and every digit again.
  • Outdated firmware: if the smart tv is not updated and system software is outdated then the server will cause problem. Basically, the outdated firmware is incompatible within the recent present protocols.
  • Smart hub password: there can be a bug that is preventing the access to the server then one should try changing it to new strong password.
  • Server offline: if the server is offline from the main place then obviously it will not work until the server goes up.
  • Poor internet connection: whenever the internet will be slow and unstable the connection will lost again and again. So using the internet which gives faster connection will not cause any problem.

Let’s  nowise how to fix  Samsung TV which is unable to connect to server-

There are various solutions to solve the issue. Some of the working methods to get rid of Samsung tv error 189 code:

  • Reset Samsung Tv. –by resetting the smart tv kills every background running task. We can do by-
  • Long press and hold the power button on tv remote.
  • Release the button when tv reboots.
  • Once the tv finishes booting, check once again if the error exist.
  • Factory reset the Smart hub- factory resetting the smart hub can sometimes solve the server 189 issue. We can do it by-
  • Navigate to the menu and by pressing the home button on the remote.
  • Select Settings and then clicking Support.
  • Then selecting Self Diagnosis and then Resetting the Smart hub.
  • Entering the default pin code to confirm factory reset.
  • Then at last by following on screen instructions.
  • Updating the Smart a Tv. – the error can also occur If the Smart Tv is in it’s old version. For that we should see and updated to the latest version. For doing that we should-
  • Press the Home button and navigating to settings.
  • Selecting Support and then Software Update.
  • Enabling Auto update and then selecting Update Now.
  • At last tv will check for the updates and if there is any updates pending one should do it right way.
  • Signing out and signing in Samsung Account- sometimes just doing sign in and out can solve the server problems. It sometimes happens because of the sync is disabled and re- signing it automatically starts syncing the account and error will go, for doing that-
  • Navigate to setting from the Menu
  • Go to the General section and then System Manager.
  • Select Samsung Account and then My Account.
  • Pressing the Select button on the remote to highlight the account and then Sign Out.
  • Now resetting the smart hub and ten applying the point 2 again.
  • And at last after re- resigning it into the account and agreeing to all terms and conditions will may solve the error.
  • Use Google DNS– sometimes it must shows the error code 189 when we are searching any particular content. It error happens because it is not available in the region where we are staying. The easiest way to unlocking the content is using a DNS filter on the network. There is a process which follows is-
  • Navigate to settings and then Network.
  • Select Network status and then IP settings.
  • Choose Enter manually and then enter
  • Save settings.

Now as we have connected to Goggle DNS then the internet speed will be fast and server will not be much problem then.

By seeing all the possible outcomes how server doesn’t connect and ways to solve the UNABLE TO CONNECT TO SAMSUNG SERVER FIXED problems.

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