2 Methods to Sign out of Outlook app on iPad & Windows 10

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How to sign out to outlook?

The most important part of when you start a social platform for example Facebook, Amazon, Instagram also outlook and many more is need to sign in first and if you not run in a specific location. You also need to sign out and other option after sign in that pops up on your screen is asking you to save your password for this platform. It results when it’s time to sign in again on another device, you seldom remember the original password.

This shows that signing in once is always easy. On the other hand, not every platform has an easily accessible signing out option. Outlook is one of the apps that allows you to sign out easily.

Logout your outlook account is also very important for our security. In our outlook account there are many important messages details related to business also, so its also important to sign out it.

Now discuss about the steps and also methods for Sign out of Outlook app on iPad & Windows 10. Here below all the steps and methods.

Method 1:- to sign out of outlook:

• First open the outlook window.

• Then on your keyboard press Alt + F4 to quit.

• Once you quit outlook, you’re successfully to signed out.

Method 2 :- Is to sign out to outlook:

• In the first step open the outlook. you’ll already be signed in.

• Then, on the top right corner click on the profile option.

• After clicking a drop- down menu will appear.

• At the bottom of the menu there will be the sign out option click on it.

• You’re successfully to signed out.

Now, the steps to sign out of outlook on windows 10.

• Open the outlook account on your windows.

• Then, at the top left corner you’ll see a file menu click on it.

• Also, click to the office account.

• After clicking you’ll see a sign out option under your name.

• Click on it and that’s it you’ll successfully to sign out to outlook.

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