How to Share Calendar in Outlook

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It’s the stylish way and also the little easier, sharing your outlook timetable with workers make your coordinating meetings easier.

Multiple workplaces navigating remote and mixed models are using Microsoft Outlook to help with communications, collaboration and productivity. One key point for coordinating meetings and events is the ability to share your calendar Outlook with co-workers, which can be far easier than trying to plan through cluttered space or textbook communications.

Now we discussed about that how to share your outlook calendar with these following steps

  • First open and log in to Microsoft outlook in your browser.
  • Also click on the calendar icon in the far- left pane.
  • After this click share in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  • Then enter the person’s or mail address who you want to share, in the text field.
  • Set the permissions For how you want the person to use your calendar. For example, you can let others view your timetable when you are busy, view all details, edit, delegate andmore.However, you will only see blocked sections of time labeled” Busy, If you choose Can View When I am Busy.”
  • Select Share once your preferences are selected, or click on the trash icon if you ’ve changed your thought.

When you share the calendar with another person with will get an invitation to accept or decline by clicking Add this calendar. In the mail the recipient click on the view calendar. You ’ve also click on the calendar icon at any time to check who has shared their calendar with you under people’s calendars on the left side of the screen.

 How to share your outlook calendar on iPhone and android devices?

Android and iPhone both are the different devices with different features but you can also share your outlook calendar on your iPhone and android devices. Here are the steps

  • Open the outlook app on your phone.
  • Tap on the calendar menu in the upper leftism.
  • Tap on the gear icon.
  • Also choose add people and select who you want to add.
  • After this Edit the permissions by clicking the person you want to share the calendar.
  • Tap on the check mark.

At any moment, you can edit permissions or who you are sharing your calendar Outlook with. In addition, to stop seeing someone’s calendar they have shared with you, just uncheck the bubble next to their name under People’s Calendars. You can also click the three- dot settings option next to a person’s name (who’s shared their calendar with you) and edit colours, the name of the calendar, where you will see it or remove it entirely.

 Why I can’t share my outlook calendar?

There are the several reasons why you’re unable to share your outlook calendar Outlook. Here are the some reasons

  • Sharing with an mail address outside your business organisation.
  • You’re trying to give allowance to an invalid mail address.
  • You’re trying to give allowance to an office365 group.

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