How to Save Emails From Outlook

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Save Outlook Emails

Saving emails is useful for backing up, keeping related design/ case file emails archived together, or for using different search tools other than Outlook’s native searching capabilities. Emailing is an effective way of communication. Running a business, transferring correspondence to friends and cousins, making purchases in online stores — these are just a many functions that emails help us to fulfill. Either, keeping them is important for future reference.
On other hand, any user can open Microsoft Outlook, type a keyword in a hunt box, and find what’s demanded. That’s true. Also why is it necessary to save emails from Outlook? Let’s say-so, there’s no access to the Internet during the flight, or it’s necessary to save Outlook emails as lines and share them with associates. In these and other cases, it isn’t always possible to fulfill  what’s demanded due to advancing emails.

Now the following steps to save email from outlook are

• Originally open the outlook and also open the message which you want to save.

• Then, click on the file tab, click save as.

• After this in the save as dialog box, in the folder panel.

• Then, choose the folder and also the location in that selected folder where you want to save the file.

• In the file name box, type a name for the file.

• In the save as type list, accept the default type, or choose the another file type in the list.

Now after all these way you ’ve successfully to saved your email.

When you save the file it’s important to choosing the file part because what you want to do with the mail after this has an impact on the save format. Out of the five formats Outlook supports (HTML, MHT, TXT, OFT and MSG), only OFT and MSG support saving any attachments along with the dispatch.

How to save emails on Android?

Now apart from this we also need to save our mails in our mobile phone of offline copy of this file. So, then the some steps to save the emails in phones

• Firstly, open the mail app in your mobile phone.

• Also tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the email.

• Also select the mail icon view in the end.

• After this click on save as.

• Then select the location where you want to save the mail.

• The locations are in your drive and in your file manager folder.

• After all this selecting the location your email saved is successfully done.

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