Roku Error Code 31

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How to Fix Roku Error Code 31?

Assuming you’re getting the irritating error code 31 when attempting to stream your Disney Plusmovies on your Roku device, you’ve come to the perfect place. In this article, we’ll investigate the reason of this error. When the reason is known, the issue is half settled.


Step by step instructions to Fix Disney Plus Error 31

  • Enable Location Services

Error code 31 shows that Disney+ couldn’t confirm your present area. Enable the area administrations on your Roku device. Then, at that point, go to Settings, select Privacy, tap Location benefits and confirm the application is permitted to get to your location access.

  • Disable VPN if using

Assuming you’re using a VPN application, disable it and check if error 31 is gone. Disney Plus is a geo-confined help which implies you can’t get to the stage from anyplace on the planet. That is the reason numerous users depend on a VPN to fake their present area and connect with a server situated in one of the nations where Disney+ is accessible.

When Disney Plus suspects or distinguishes an issue with your present area, it will keep you from getting to the stage. Thus, in the event that you’re situated in an area where Disney+ is accessible, there’s no real reason for using a VPN. Disable your VPN, and you might have the option to connect.

  • Connect with a Different VPN Server

Then again, assuming you’re situated in a locale where Disney+ isn’t accessible and uses a VPN to get to the assistance, change to an alternate server. The stage maintains whatever authority is needed to eliminate explicit IP addresses in the event that they look suspicious. Perhaps your present VPN isn’t doing a good job at hiding your real area.

Then again, move up to a paid VPN plan or use an alternate VPN administration. A significant number of them let you use the assistance free of charge for a restricted timeframe. Or then again install a program that comes furnished with an already built in VPN, like Opera.

Extra Solutions

In the event that the error still appears, update your RokuOS, restart your device and take a look at the outcomes. Ensure no other applications are running behind the scenes while streaming video content from Disney Plus.

Error code 31 generally demonstrates Disney Plus couldn’t confirm your area. Try to enable the area administrations on your Roku device Assuming you’re situated in an area where Disney Plus is accessible, disable your VPN. Be that as it may, assuming you use a VPN to get to Disney+, change to an alternate server area or use an alternate VPN.

Assuming none of the strategies above worked, you may be managing a considerably more serious issue. For this situation, we advise that you look for the assistance of the specialists and reach out to them for any further help.

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