Roku Error Code 20

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How to Fix Roku Error Code 20?

Are you getting a Roku HDCP error 020 on your TV? Have you attempted each solution yet just can’t sort out what to do? Simply sit back and relax, we will assist you with the reason for the error and how you can fix it quick.

The high bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) is intended for copyright assurance which organizations incorporate into smart TVs and different gadgets. Both the gadgets and the links should be compatible with the HDCP protocol to work appropriately. We should investigate what the error mean and why you can’t play the content of your choice on Roku. We’ll examine how to fix the unauthorized content error on your TV box also.

What does Error 020 Mean?

A great number of clients complained that they attempt to play the content, they get the following HDCP error with the code 020.

“To play this content, all HDMI connections must support high bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP)”

Roku pops up the 020 error in the event that it fails to detect the HDCP similarity with your TV or cable. Additionally, the error can likewise appear in the event that the showcase refresh rate of your Roku gadget and the Display type in the Roku settings is designed inappropriately.

How Do I Fix Error Code 020 on Roku?

On the off chance that the above strategy fails to fix the error code 020 on Roku, you can do the given steps.

  1. Disable Auto-change Display Refresh Rate

On the 4k supported Roku gadgets, the error 020 can pop up on the off chance that the refresh rate isn’t compatible with the TV. Accordingly, you should disable the auto-refresh rate on your Roku gadget to fix the error. To do this:

  • Go to the Main Menu on your Roku gadget
  • Explore to Settings and afterward System
  • Under the System choices, select Advanced System Settings
  • Pick Advanced Display Settings and disable the auto-change show refresh rate
  1. Restart Your TV and Roku Device

After disabling the refresh rate, you must restart your Roku gadget and TV for the process to produce results. To restart Roku through the Roku menu:

  • Press the Home button on the Roku remote and select Settings
  • Explore to Advanced System Settings
  • Scroll and choose System Restart
  • Presently turn off your TV and Roku gadget from the electrical plug
  • Plug out the HDMI link in the two gadgets
  • Reattach the HDMI link immovably between the TV and the Roku gadget
  • Sit tight for few moments and afterward plug the power link of Roku and TV to the primary electrical plug
  • Then power on your TV and when the screen primary screen appears, power on your Roku gadget
  • Play your beloved TV show on Roku and check whether that technique fixes the 020 error
  1. Set Display Type to Auto-Detect

Some of the time, setting showcase to auto-identify can resolve the 020 error on Roku. To do this, go to the setting menu from the home menu and select Settings. then select Display type and set it to Auto-detect. Then, sendoff Roku and confirm that the error is fixed.

Ideally, this article assisted you with fixing the Roku error code 020 and the unauthorized content error on your box. Assuming the issue still persists, contact the Roku client support group for additional help.

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