Roku Error Code 14.20

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How to Fix Roku Error Code 14.20?

In a situation by which your different Device are connecting correctly and appropriately with your wireless network with no issues, yet tragically, the Roku Device can’t set up a solid or stable network connection from your router then the Roku error code 14.20 will show up on your screen. Assuming your Device is showing the error code 014.20 on your Roku, it fundamentally implies there is an issue with your network. Simply sit back and relax, however; it is not difficult to clear the error.

There are various ways that can be utilized to fix the error, and it is dependent upon you to use what suits you and your Device best.

Two methods for fixing the Roku error code 14.20, in any case, is that you can either reboot your Device (which works most occasions) or, sometimes, you might have to reestablish your Roku Device to production line setting.

Instructions to Fix Roku Error Code 14.20

The following methods are ways of fixing the error code 14.20 on your Roku.

  1. Utilize an Ethernet Connection
  • Connect your Roku Device to a link modem.
  • Ensure you guarantee that the settings that show you have connected with a link modem are thought about Roku.
  • Finish your Ethernet connection process and explore Roku settings.
  • Tap on the wireless connection.
  • Select your web network supplier. Now and again, your Roku will ask you to enter your security password, do as such.
  • Remember that the password you are entering is case touchy, so capital letters should not be put where small case letters should be.
  1. Reestablish to Factory Settings

This arrangement is to reestablish or reset your Roku to the default production line settings.

  • Click the Home button on your Roku Remote.
  • Press the UP-bolt button or the button that takes you to the menu bar.
  • Click settings
  • Select the factory reset choice
  • When incited, choose

The Roku error code 14.20 should have been cleared.

  1. Increase Signal Strength

One more approach to clearing the error code is by working on the signal strength of your router. This is finished by setting the router close to the Roku Device. This will clear any obstacle that might be hindering the sign.


In the event that your router has been set a long way from your Roku Device, the signal strength will have been affected, which would bring the Roku error code 14.20. Consequently, you must change this.

  • Place the router extremely near the Roku Device – not multiple feet away.
  • Reboot your router
  • Do likewise for your Roku Device.
  • Stand by around 30 seconds to 60 seconds prior to restarting.
  1. Restart the Roku Device

In the event that you don’t have any idea how to restart your Roku Device and router, follow the means underneath:

  • Explore to the Settings menu on Roku.
  • Select System.
  • Pick the System Restart choice.
  • Your Roku Device will restart.

To reboot the router, everything you want do is turn off it from the power source and plug back in following a moment. The two Devices will require a couple of moments to restart.


A few fast ways to update your Roku on the off chance that you don’t have an Ethernet link:

  • Click check for updates, and should on the off chance that there is an accessible update, your Roku naturally downloads it.
  • After the completion of the Roku update,

Remember that it is obligatory to restart your Device. To do this, basically turn off your Roku from the main source. Sit tight for 60 seconds prior to stopping back the Device, and your error should be cleared at this point.


Note that it is likewise possible that the main reason for the Roku Error Code 14.20 is an obsolete wireless firmware. In this way, using an Ethernet link to run your Roku Device will permit Roku to by itself download the most recent updates available.


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