How to Fix Roku Error Code 14?

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Roku is one of the top web-based features, with access to huge amount of content.  In any case, as most administrations, Roku is inclined to occasional errors that lead to the feared codes showing up on your screen. One of the errors you are probably going to run over is the Roku error code 014.

It is easily possible to fix these Roku errors, including the 014 one, without calling a professional. The following article is all you need to be aware of the error, from what it is, its causes, and possible solutions.

What is Roku error code 014 and what causes it?

The Roku 014 is an internet network error, which happens when your Device can’t connect with the internet on your present nearby local network (i.e., Wi-Fi or Ethernet organization).

It tends to be caused by various issues, including:

  • An off-base weak Wi-Fi passcode
  • A weak remote signal because of the distance of the switch from the Device
  • Corrupted network settings
  • A bug on the switch or Roku Device
  • Network issues on your ISP’s end
  • Obstruction by firewall or antivirus programming

Evaluate every one of these means until you fix error 014 on Roku:

  1. Confirm your Wi-Fi password is right

Wrong Wi-Fi login details are one of the significant explanations behind the Roku will not connect with the nearby organization error. In this way, one of the principal activities when you experience the error is to confirm the password.

On the off chance that the issue still there, you can change the Wi-Fi password and username on your router and afterward connect your Roku Device once more.

  1. Place your router nearer to your Roku Device

A weak Wi-Fi signal can cause local network error 014. Accordingly, you should have a go at supporting the sign by drawing the switch nearer to your Wi-Fi Device.

On the other hand, you can connect your Device to the switch by an Ethernet link. Assuming that none of these works, your router could be updated.

  1. Check and confirm the organization settings

Could it be said that you are as yet encountering the Roku streaming stick error code 014? Indeed, one more reason for the issue could be some unacceptable organization settings on the routers end.

Check to guarantee that different Devices, for instance, your phone are connecting without issues. Assuming there is an issue, reset the Wi-Fi settings and connect the Device once more.

  1. Disable firewall and anti-virus

Are you using a firewall, anti-virus, or some other outsider programming like VPN on either the router or streaming Device? Provided that this is true, any of these could be causing the local network error by obstructing the web association. Disable them and connect your Device once more.

  1. Restart your switch and Roku Device

As currently referenced, the network issue can likewise be brought about by a bug, either on the router or streaming Device. The good news is, these are temporary and can be effortlessly settled with a restart (reboot). On the off chance that the issue actually continues, you can continue on to reboot your Roku Device. The restart arrangement will rely upon the Device you are using.

Roku error code 014 can be an unforgiving error that happens at an unfavorable time, denying you an agreeable streaming encounter for your beloved programs. Fortunately, with the above process, you can have the option to fix the issue. Notwithstanding, assuming none of these methods work, you can contact Roku Customer Support for extra investigating help.

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