How to Fix Roku Error Code 003?

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Clients experience the Error Code 003 while using Roku on the grounds that the Device can’t update software even with its connection with the web. Sometimes, error 003 additionally arises to the circumstance when you can’t connect with a few channels using a web connection. There are two primary justifications for why you can’t update your Roku gadget; either the servers at the backend are down/going through maintenance or Roku is struggling setting up a connection with the network.

For those clients who don’t have any idea what Roku is, it is a kind of streaming player which permits users to sit in front of the TV and gain access to various content. It includes free content which you can look for no charges, this platform is known for giving quality content at a lesser cost.

What causes Roku Error Code 003?

Error code 003 doesn’t allow you to update Roku and for the most part has to do with the web connection on with your wireless router. Exhaustively, a portion of the reasons behind why this error may happen are:

  • There is an issue with network security protocols. This shouldn’t be the case preferably in light of the fact that security protocols are something which no gadget has issues. However, tragically, Roku isn’t fond of to AES convention.
  • Roku is going through server issues at their backend. This has been very normal previously. Your gadget isn’t updated to the most recent version. Roku team delivers a few updates over a period of time to either add new highlights or eliminate issues. Before you continue on in executing the solutions, ensure that you have a decent internet connection accessible which is without the limitation of any firewalls.

Solution1: Checking Roku server status

Before we continue on to changing your network settings, it is necessary to check in the event that Roku is going through issues at its backend with the servers. Assuming that the servers are down or going through support, there isn’t anything you can do which will make you interface.

You can look at different related gatherings and the web to check whether different clients are also not able to connect. Assuming you see a pattern, it most likely indicates that there are a few issues with Roku servers. For this situation, wait until the administrations are delivered and take a look at connecting once more.

Solution 2: Changing Network Security Protocol

As referenced previously, Roku isn’t enamored with AES protocols executed in the network security. There were a few situations where Roku would not update/associate on account of the sort of protocol used in the network. We can have a go at changing the protocol and check whether this fixes the issue. Ensure that you change your networks security settings at your own danger.

Open your router’s settings, and open its settings IP address. This address is for the most part found at the back of the router or is available in its documentation. It is something like ‘’. Once in settings, explore to Wireless or Security and ensure that the security mode isn’t set as AES in any way. It tends to be WPAK2-PSK (TKIP). In the wake of changing the security setting, you can take a look at connecting from your Roku to the network with the new settings used.

Solution 3: Using Ethernet ability

A few Roku gadgets have the element to connect with the network using both wireless and wired. Assuming you are attempting to connect wirelessly and update, you can change to wired and afterward take a look at connecting once more. You can plug one end of the wire to the router and the other to Roku.

You will be required a LAN wire to connect Roku with your router. Typically, every router contains a LAN wire in its bundling. Simply plug the wires in ports in the two of them and check if the error message is fixed.

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