How to Recall Message in Outlook

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The recall a mail means If you and your recipients are each on Microsoft Exchange, you can recall the communication (which means to try to cancel the message from the recipient’s Inbox) or replace the message (which means you want to cancel the original communication and replace it with a new one).

Now some following ways to recall an email is

  • Firstly open outlook on your system.
  • Now, in the folder pane on the left of the Outlook window, choose the transferred particulars folder.
  • Then open the email that you want to recall. You must double-click to open the communication. The Recall option isn’t available for a communication displayed in the Reading Pane.
  • Now from the Message tab, elect Conduct> Recall This Communication.
  • In the Recall This Message dialog box, select one of the below options Cancel or Replace the, and click OK

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Above these are the following way which helps for recalling an email.

The recall is a very good tool for missteps of transferring email incorrectly but it only works when the message is unopened in outlook and both people are the part of same Microsoft exchange server.

How do I know if a recalled communication was successful in outlook?

Make sure you have to tick the following option when recalling the email. Outlook will send you a notice about each recipient. However, you’ll see a recall success note in front of the subject, If the recall was successful.

On the other hand, if a recall failed, you’ll get a recall failure note.

And apart from this if you forgot to check this option when recalling the mail, you can use the tracking option. Open the transferred folder and select the mail you recalled. Also, click on the tracing button in the list to check the recall status.

The outlook mail recall doesn’t work on the outlook web access customer, and they will see the mail truly if you send out a recall request.

Why mail recall doesn’t always work?

Outlook Recall is a great and helpful point, it, unfortunately, has multiple conditions to work as well as several limitations. There are many times when Outlook Recall won’t be successful in deleting or updating the mail communications that you transferred. In fact, there are times when Outlook Recall may deliver a “ Recall Success” message, but the person may still view the original, incorrect mail.

Why outlook recall will definitely fail?

The recipient previously opened the message

Still, also the recall won’t work If a recipient opens your mail before you have to recall it. The recipient will still get the recall message that you have requested that it be recalled, but it’ll stay in their Inbox since it’s now a “ real communication”. This is why it’s important to perform the Recall as soon as possible!

The message was transferred from a Delegate or participating mailbox

Still, you can’t use the Recall command, If the original mail was transferred from either a Delegate or Shared Mailbox. The recall will only work if the Email is transferred from a “ primary” Exchange mailbox, and Delegate and Shared Mailboxes don’t count.

The mail recipient uses a mobile device with a different mail guest

Still, also the recall won’t work, If the recipient uses a mobile device with a different mail customer it also surely fails because unless the recipient is using outlook on their portable device with the correct exchange ActiveSync settings.

And if the recipient is using any different type of mail customer to read their Outlook Emails, similar to Gmail or indeed the native Apple Mail, also the Recall won’t work.

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