How to Print Email from Outlook

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How to Print dispatch from outlook?

Printing is a process for reproducing text and images, generally with ink on paper using a printing press. It’s frequently carried out as a large-scale artificial process, and is an essential part of publishing and transaction printing. When you need a hard copy after a online pages printing helps you to give a legal document in your hands In written copy.

Now the following steps to print email from outlook

• First open the email which you want to print, then select the three dot menu at the top of outlook.

• After this select the print option.

• Then after selecting the print option the message opens in a new window and is formatted in a form of printing. Then select print.

• Also in the printer dialog box, choose the pages which you want to print, After this shown a layout or orientation, and the number of copies, also select print.

• After all these steps your print is ready.

Now for saving our time the print in one by one takes more time so, the better is to the print multiple emails. If you need to print multiple emails for your report you can do so without opening each email and going through the process to print via the File menu. But this can be done only in the Outlook customer and not in the Outlook app.

Here the some way to print multiple emails from an outlook folder

• First, select the emails you want to print.

• Then, click train on the menu bar.

• After this select print to open print options.

• To open printer options click on the printer drop down menu.

• Then, select a printer which you want to use for print.

• Then, click print to print all the selected email at once.

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