What To Do To Resolve Mywifiext not Working issue?

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The Mywifiext not working issue arises due to various reasons like when any user is trying to access the website and is not having a good Wi-Fi coverage. It happens that the users encounter such an issue due to the incorrect Mywifiext login credentials. Whenever the Mywifiext problem takes place, then don’t worry because this issue is easy to fix.

In case, if any user is not able to connect with the Mywifiext.net extender setup after that make sure that the device is connected with the right Wi-Fi network. The users who are getting annoyed with the Mywifiext not working problem, for them, we have enlisted troubleshooting guide to resolve the issue.

The mywifiext.net is the web address that provides access to the Netgear Genie page of the Extender. The users can open the page when the computer and Extender are correctly connected either by wireless or by the Ethernet cable.

Thus, follow the instructions as stated below to resolve the issue.

  • First of all, users are suggested to keep the Extender in the same room where the router is set up.
  • After this, correctly power the Wi-Fi extender until all LED lights get turned ON.
  • Then, for brief information, go through the quick start menu that contains all essential details of the device.
  • Now, connect the PC with the Extender through an Ethernet cable and then wait for the device to Extender LED turning ON. In case, if the light does not lit correctly, then remove the Ethernet cable and plug it again.
  • Open the net browser and key in the default IP address of the Netgear extender, i.e. and then press the enter.
  • In case, if the www Mywifiext-net setup page does not get open, then restart the browser or use a different browser.
  • Now, with the help of the Ethernet cable, connect the Extender and the computer.


So, this our some of the major steps to resolve Mywifiext not working issue and lastly, if you have question and query then ask our website.

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