Kaspersky Total Security (KTS) Vs Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS): On the Basis of the Benefits

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Both are the popular Kaspersky antivirus software and are well-known for providing advanced features to their users. Both Kaspersky free antivirus comes with an extreme level of benefits, but Total Security comes with some extra benefits in comparison with Internet security. Some more benefits are available in the plan package of Total Security and are not available in internet security. Therefore, below mentioned are some extra benefits of Kaspersky free total security antivirus.

Kaspersky Free Password Manager

The total security provides full Kaspersky password manager and that too at free of cost. Through this option, the user can sync the password across all over windows, iOS, macOS, Android devices. With this feature, the user can quickly check the strength of the password in case if the password is weak then the user can make use of the password generator to get a strong replacement for the weak password.

Kaspersky antivirus Safe and Secure VPN Connection

In this software, the user gets a safe and secure VPN service free of cost that encodes the communication between the server and the browser. While installing the product, the user can easily install the Kaspersky Secure Connection. This connection includes a VPN which keep the browsing safe. The Kaspersky free antivirus download is easy to install, and the user doesn’t have to pay anything.

Kaspersky Antivirus Safe Kids

The Kaspersky antivirus provides a parental control option, i.e. with this feature, you can easily manage the screen time of you child, view their location and can also manage their public Facebook activities. Through this feature, you will get an online report, including every detailed online activity of a child to their parents. This feature comes along with the KTS suite and is free of cost. With this, you can easily get the online safety of the kid that too free of cost.

Kaspersky Total Security  Vs Kaspersky Internet Security  :On the Basis of Pricing

Another area where both products are different is the pricing factor. So, both Kaspersky antivirus products are easily affordable. But as mentioned above, the KTS comes with some extra benefits in comparison with KIS that’s why it is a bit costlier than KIS. According to the requirement, you can choose any of the ones that suit you. In case, if you are active on the internet and want complete protection of your device, then KTS is the best option. If you do not use the internet or you use for a less period, then consider purchasing KIS. KIS is available for $39.99 and can be used in 3 devices. And, the KTS is of $49.99 and can be used in up to 5 devices.

Pros and Cons of KIS and KTS

Kaspersky Total Security Pros and Cons


  • This Kaspersky antivirus provides superior protection from both online as well as offline
  • This software provides Anti-phishing
  • It offers a complete range of parental control feature
  • The Kaspersky Free antivirus provides the best firewall protection
  • For both cloud and Local, backup is available


  • In comparison with Windows suite, Mac suite has limited features
  • Limited iOS protection
  • In contrast with other Kaspersky free antivirus, it is a bit expensive

Kaspersky Internet Security Pros and Cons


  • This software helps to block viruses, attacks, crypto lockers and much more
  • This Kaspersky antivirus software helps the user to stop online trackers from collecting your data
  • It prevents unauthorized access to the webcam
  • Encode the data send by the user and receive online through VPN


  • The installation of this Kaspersky free antivirus download takes time
  • This software Lacks on Windows 10 support

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