How to Remove a Google account from your Android or iOS Device ?

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Information can pile up and so can your mind stress. The inclusion of every figure that doesn’t add up to your memory card or isn’t relevant to your mind can be compromised in the folder of trash. The same goes for instance, your Google Account. The mountain of different spam mails and notifications from every irrelevant site and app can be difficult to manage and impossible to divert your attention from.

The major reason for us to either removing or deleting our google account.

Deletion of your google account can help an individual from the accumulate the unneeded mails which also affects the working of your devices if facing the issue of hanging or unnecessary glitches. The reason of these disadvantageous acts is quite clear by now which can save you a headache by deleting or removing your google account.

But before moving further with your choice, one fact should be cleared, there is a difference between removing your account or deleting your account. Withdrawing your Google account from either Android or IOS will easily pull out your access from that very device which can be later reinstated. Nonetheless the data or any other particulars that is stored in your account will be removed or eradicated. Which includes, your subscribed mails, any newly or old made changeable settings, or your contacts.

With that being cleared we can go right into removing or deleting your account:


The facilement to remove your Google account from an android device can be easy in comparison with other brands:

1. The first step being switching your phone on and directly choose the Settings app.
2. The next step begin with you tapping on the account section under Settings. One can find the account button under the heading of ‘Users and Accounts’ too. It contritely depends on which model Samsung device you own or have.

Number of accounts will be listed in front of you where you look and choose the account you want to delete, however here, we will choose the Google icon and click on it.

  1. While clicking on the icon, you will get two options or more where the option of remove account will be given. As you wish to eradicate it, you will press on the remove account option and wait for it to load. Removing can be easy but so can the information needed to comply it as a whole. Not only going to the setting options, you would also be needing to enter your device’s pattern, pin and password  to complete the process of removing.
    Keeping in mind that with you removing each one your accounts from the device, will also result in not having access to the Google Play.

Every device of Samsung’s setting vary with each model regarded, so a little finding will be needed to get to the particular screen, though once you follow the process, it will become easy and hasty.


  • Removing of Google account from IOS:

    The given below steps will be mandatory to follow if you wish to eradicate your Google account from an IOS device and also depending upon from where you will following the process.
    For example apps like: Safari, Gmail, Mail etc.

    Every app will have a different set of criteria to fulfill and a differentiated steps so read the next points very carefully based on the the app you choose and on which you have you Google accessed:

    If you have your Google account accessed though your Gmail App, the steps below will help you remove your Google Account:

    a. Switching your phone on and directly opening the Gmail App.

  1. The menu of the Gmail App will be the three staked lines on the given side of the tab. Once clicked on, you choose the option “Managing account” and then pick the section “Edit”.
  2. The following option will give you the selection of ‘remove’ next to the account you wish to eradicate and then confirming your choice, you will be asked to double check your option.
  3. Once finished, click ‘Done’ on the left top area on the tab.
  4. 2. For everyone who have there Google account signed in through the Safari App can  follow the given steps below to ‘Remove’ their Google account. Check them for assistance:

    a. Switching your phone on and directly going to the Safari App.

  5. Click the search bar and enter,
  6. Your profile icon will be present on the either side of the top corners. Once clicking on it, you can sign your accounts out if you haven’t chosen to do already.
  7. No account will be shown, you can click on ‘Sign in’ and then choose the option, ‘Sign in with a different account’.
  8. You can click on Remove once you select the account you wish to eradicate. To double confirm your choice, click done and you account will be removed with the help of Safari App.
  9. 3. For all others who have their google account accessed to your device’s setting in utilizing the iPhone’ own Mail app can follow the steps down below:

  10. Switching your phone on and going directly towards your settings app.
  11. While scrolling down, you should click on the section, ‘Password and Account’ and click on it to open.
  12. Once you do that, you will see number of accounts listed down which will contain both the Google and Non-Google, that you have included to your device.
  13. Once you check it, you can click on the ones you want to eradicate to continue the process.
  14. The continuation will help you to the list of options. Click on the ‘Delete account’ at the bottom side of the tab and then choose ‘Delete from my iPhone’ in the given confirmation that appears. One major thing to keep in mind is that if you wish to remove all your Google accounts from your IOS device, you will eventually be signed off your Google accounts on your very device. This was the process. I hoped it helped.


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