How to Garmin Nuvi 200 Updates for Free ?

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Garmin Nuvi has revolutionized the navigation world with its amazing, user-friendly features. With a Garmin Nuvi 200 update, the user can not only find the best routes to the destination but also be aware of the events and the points of interests around their location.
However, the world around us is always changing. New roads are being made, new restaurants are being launched, hotel chains are ever-increasing and new events are constantly being added to the list. This is why installing a Garmin Nuvi update is often necessary to maintain a smooth performance of your Garmin device. Garmin regularly releases map updates to ensure that your Garmin device works flawlessly, but for your device to have access to the updated maps, you need to install the update in your device.
If you are unable to find the right Garmin Nuvi map update or are just confused about how to update your Garmin device, you can check out the step-by-step guide written below to help you with the process. 

Map updates for Garmin Nuvi 200

Garmin offers two kinds of updates –one, being the free map update and the other being the paid update. You can choose to download any of these as per your requirements. If you wish to install Garmin Nuvi map update for free, you can find the steps for downloading it written below but before you begin the update, you should know if you are eligible for a free Garmin Nuvi update

How to check if you can get a free Garmin Nuvi Map Update?

Checking if you can get a free Garmin Nuvi update is easy. All you need to do is, follow the steps written below: 

  • Go to Garmin’s official website.
    • Garmin has a “map update purchase assistant” on their website. Enter your Garmin Nuvi 200’s serial number in the purchase assistant.
    • The purchase assistant will show you all the update options available for your device.
    Or, you can simply or through the checklist below to confirm if you can download the free updates:

    • Is your Garmin Nuvi 200 GPS device registered with Garmin?
    • Did you register your device within the first 60 days of having installed it on your car?
    • Has it been less than 90 days of you using your device?
    • Are you downloading a map update for the first time? 

If the answer to all the above questions is “yes,” then you can avail the benefits of Garmin’s nuMaps Guarantee program. Under this program, you can download one or more Garmin Nuvi map updates for the pre-installed maps within the first 90 days of your device’s activation. 

Step-by-Step Guide to get the free Garmin Nuvi 200 updates 

Now that you know that you are eligible for the free Garmin Nuvi 200 updates, it’s time to finally download them into your device. To do so, we recommend that you use Garmin Express. Garmin Express is a software application that has been designed to make the update process easier. 

Follow the steps given below: Update Garmin Nuvi 200

Install Garmin Express on your device.
• Clicking on the above link would lead you to the Garmin Express Download page. Click on “Download for Windows” to download the application to your desktop.
• Once downloaded, double-click on the setup file.
• Select the “Yes” option.
• Now, attach your Garmin Nuvi GPS device to your computer.
• Open Garmin Express by double clicking on the app icon.
• Click on the “Get Started” button. This should be a blue button, at the top of the app window.
• Now, click on “Add a device.” You should be able to find it on the upper-left side of the app window.
• This should begin the Garmin Nuvi GPS setup process.
• Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process for your free Garmin Nuvi update download.
• You should be able to spot a house-shaped icon, towards the upper-left corner of the open window. Click it to open the dashboard.
• Select “Install All” to begin the updating process.
• Now, simply wait for your device to finish installing all updates.
If you have followed the steps carefully, you will now be able to enjoy all the latest features of your updated Garmin Nuvi 200.  
In case you face any difficulties, you can write to us. We will always be happy to help you!

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