How to fix HP Printer Error Code 55

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In this article, we will cover comprehensively the steps that you need to take to decide this HP Printer Error Code 55. Nevertheless, accepting you need a speedy response, connecting with the specific assistance bunch for help is the best game plan.


Defective communication between your PC and your HP printer or across the board item can bring about complex side effects, being the most well-known of them:

  • Printout looks distorted or shows sudden images (for example smilies, hearts, or squares).
  • Pages are gotten and ejected clear.
  • There is no reaction from the printer when a print work is sent.
  • Communication blunder messages are shown on the PC screen

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Continue with the means underneath to settle this issue:

  • Disconnect the USB or equal link from the back of your printer or across the board item, and print an individual test report to check if the unit is turned out great in independent mode, and subsequently dispose of any equipment issue.
  • Reconnect the parallel or USB link and have a go at printing once more. In case printing is effective the reason for the issue might be a free equal or USB link.
  • Disconnect the power line from the back of the printer or across the board item, hang tight for a couple of moments, and reconnect it. Restart your PC and have a go at printing once more.
  • Make sure no outside gadgets are imparting the USB or equal port to your printer or across the board item (for example USB centers, stockpiling gadgets, etc…). Eliminate any outer gadgets, and associate the printer or across the board item straightforwardly to a USB or equal port on the back of your PC.
  • Make sure the link isn’t excessively long (it ought to be more limited than 3 meters for equal links, and 1.80 meters for USB strings).
  • Check in case there are any gadgets around the USB or equal link that can cause electromagnetic obstructions (these gadgets might be fluorescent or brilliant lights, radios, televisions, cordless telephones, remote switches, microwaves, or speakers). In case there are any of such gadgets close to the link, power them off and restart the print work.
  • Make sure the printer or across the board item isn’t associated with a power strip or flood silencer. Different gadgets associated with a similar power strip might cause power fluctuations.
  • If the issue endures, impair bidirectional communication between the printer and the PC.

In case you are as yet unfit to fix the issue and the printer is as yet showing HP printer error 55 then find support from the specialists. Reach out to the HP specialized help group for settling the error in your printer. They will guide and help your bit by bit to determine the printer error with no issue.

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