How to fix HP Printer Error Code 50.8

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In any case, that doesn’t suggest that these printers are completely freed from errors. All things considered like some other electronic contraption even the HP printers experience issues when being utilized. Thusly, accepting you are using an HP printer that has experienced an error, there is nothing to worry about. As it is altogether expected to experience issues while endeavoring to use printers. In any case, it is the HP printer error 50.8 that the customers are presumably going to experience.

In this article, we will cover comprehensively the steps that you need to take to decide this HP Printer Error 50.8. Nevertheless, accepting you need a speedy response, connecting with the specific assistance bunch for help is the best game plan.

HP Printer Error 50.8 : FIX 

HP used to give you only a couple of general error codes for fusers. Presently they are getting more explicit exhaustively so you can investigate errors like the 50.8 fuser error, making them simpler and ideally settling the issue without purchasing undesirable parts. One significant issue that has been known to cause issues with fusers is surge arrest or power strips. An ever increasing number of electrical gadgets are being utilized in workplaces consistently. With that comes power strips to ensure everything can be connected and utilized. LaserJet resemble enormous warmers, they draw a great deal of power so they should be connected to their own attachment and ensure no other warming gadget like an espresso producer, copier, or space radiator is connected to a similar circuit. The HP Shading Laserjet 3000, 3600, 3800, and CP3505 machines make some specific memories outline in which to get to their right working temperature so if other huge gadgets are drawing power on a similar circuit it could make these machines work inaccurately. If you somehow happened to call HP one of the principal questions they generally ask is if the machine is connected directly to the divider or on a power strip or battery backup. In the event that the HP Shading Laserjet 3000, 3600, 3800, and CP3505 don’t get to that temperature in time it will toss you conceivably a 50.8 fuser error meaning the sub thermistor is perusing an inaccurate worth.

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HP Shading LaserJet 3000, 3600, 3800, CP3505 Fuser Removal:

Open the upper cover, and afterward press the two blue fuser-locking switches to deliver the fuser. Pivot the fuser up and out of the printer.

Investigating the HP Shading Laserjet 3000, 3600, 3800, and CP3505 50.8 Fuser Error:

  1. Confirm the fuser is introduced accurately and completely seated.50.8 <em>fuser error</em> – HP Shading Laserjet 3000, 3600, 3800, and CP3505 photograph
  2. Check that connector J6007 on the fuser is situated accurately. Replace the connector as vital.
  3. Turn the printer off.
  4. Remove the fuser.
  5. In case there is no conduction in the sub thermistor, measure the obstruction between fuser connectors J6007LA-1 and J6007LA-3. In the event that the obstruction isn’t 100 ohms to 3 Mohms, replace the fuser.
  6. In case there is no conduction in the fuser radiator, measure the obstruction between fuser connectors J6007LAF-1 and J6007-2.
  7. Redesign/Upgrade the DC controller firmware.
  8. Replace the DC controller PCA.

In case you are as yet unfit to fix the issue and the printer is as yet showing HP printer error 50.8 then find support from the specialists. Reach out to the HP specialized help group for settling the error in your printer. They will guide and help your bit by bit to determine the printer error with no issue.

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