How to Fix HP Printer Error Code 50.5

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In any case, that doesn’t suggest that these printers are completely freed from errors. All things considered like some other electronic contraption even the HP printers experience issues when being utilized. Thusly, accepting you are using an HP printer that has experienced an error, there is nothing to worry about. As it is altogether expected to experience issues while endeavoring to use printers. In any case, it is the HP printer error 50.5 that the customers are presumably going to experience.

In this article, we will cover comprehensively the steps that you need to take to decide this HP Printer Error 50.5. Nevertheless, accepting you need a speedy response, connecting with the specific assistance bunch for help is the best game plan.

Instructions to Fix HP Printer Error 50.5:

It is extremely normal that you will confront an Error 50.5 “Jam in Top Cover Area” message once while utilizing the HP Printer. In spite of the fact that it is a lethal error, you can fix HP Printer Error 50.5 on your own simply by following the straightforward advances clarified in this article.

The HP Printer Error 50.5 is a deadly error that seems when any wrong fuser model is introduced or when any sensor gets obstructed. The primary driver of this error code 50.5 are the paper jam, lost pickup roller cover, jams on trays, and so on to clear this HP Printer Error 50.5, you should have information on How to fix HP Printer Error 50.5. Despite the fact that fixing the HP Printer Error 50.5 is a rushed undertaking, we will direct you in a straightforward method to make your work simpler.

Step by step instructions to Fix HP Printer Error 50.5:

Follow the various advances offered beneath to fix HP Printer Error 50.5:

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  1. Check for any paper jams.

Right off the bat, examine for any paper pieces in the paper way. On the off chance that present, eliminate them. You can likewise check for any paper jam by finding the pre-feed sensor. In the event that this progression isn’t working, attempt the stage 2.

  1. Remove the Paper plate 2 of your HP Printer

In this progression, as a sanity check, you need to eliminate the paper plate and the toner cartridge.

  1. Verifying the moving of Paper Width Sensor

You have check if the Paper Width Sensor is moving unreservedly. If in case not, you need to change it.

  1. Examine the moving of Pre-Feed Sensor

Assuming you have supplanted the paper-feed gathering, you should make sure that the pre-feed sensor banner is moving appropriately or not. You can check the development of the sensor arms at the highest point of the page sensor. Additionally, see that the pre-feed sensor is introduced accurately or not.

  1. Check for Fuser sensor and paper jam

Most importantly find the wire sensor and review for any paper jams. On the off chance that you discovered any paper stuck, eliminate them cautiously.

  1. Replacing the DC Controller PCA

To dispose of the Printer Error, you need to supplant the DC Controller PCA. Follow the subsequent stage, if the issue actually perseveres.

  1. Removing Paper Jam in Tray 2

  • Above all else, eliminate the paper plate and toner cartridge.
  • Presently take a piece of cardboard of paper width. You can utilize this tough item to push past the realignment rollers.
  • Keep the cardboard piece through the spaces and stop it when the cardboard piece arrive at the top depression.
  • Eliminate the cardboard from the printer’s base depression and hold back the cartridge and paper plate in its place.
  • Presently restart your printer, the error will be fixed when your switch ON your HP Printer.

In case you are as yet unfit to fix the issue and the printer is as yet showing HP printer error 50.5 then find support from the specialists. Reach out to the HP specialized help group for settling the error in your printer. They will guide and help your bit by bit to determine the printer error with no issue.

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