How to Fix Canon Printer Error Message Check Ink U163

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While using Canon printers there are chances that you may go over errors. Anyway Canon is known for collecting the outright for the most part capable and quality printers. However, commonly, these printers do go two or three errors by and large. It isn’t something to worry about in any case, the error ought to be settled quickly accepting you need to use the printer with no issue.

Here and there while utilizing Canon Printer you experience with error code U163 in its LCD and typically, this error emerges when the ink runs out from 1 or 2 of ink cartridges into the printing device. Due to this issue Printer not print Documents and give white papers as a yield. Yet, don’t get much disturbed; resolve this glitch inside the space of minutes by reaching to Canon printer client service number or by following some basic advances which are referenced in this post:


What is Error U163 in Canon Pixma MX328?

U163 is an error code that appears in the LCD Display Panel after the printer detected that an ink has run out from 1 or 2 of the ink cartridges inside the printer.

During the printing cycle when the ink run out from the ink cartridges and the paper print is clear, this error won’t seem except if you eliminate the dark and the shading ink cartridges from the cartridge transporter as when you replenish them using manufactured inks and put them back inside the printer, error U163 will be displayed which is due to the reason as the printer detects that the ink cartridges that you placed inside the printer was already out of ink.


How to Fix Error U163 in Canon Printer MX328?

The best counsel is to supplant the vacant ink cartridge with OEM cartridge. Nonetheless, for most printer clients who needs to set aside additional cash, they would depend on topping off their vacant cartridges with made inks.


Here is the thing that you need to do to clear this error:

Canon Pixma MX328 Stop/Reset Button

  1. While the printer is on, return the topped off cartridges inside the printer and close the top cover along with the examining unit cover.
  2. Trust that the error will show up. In the event that the error didn’t show up, take a stab at printing or duplicating, to show this error in LCD show board.
  3. At the point when error is there, press and hold the Stop/Reset button. Try not to deliver the Stop/Reset button until you see the printer self-restarted.
  4. After the printer instate effectively, you would now be able to deliver the button.

Note: On some event after it clears the U163 error, the next error to be seen is U162. You simply need to press and hold again the Stop/Reset release and hang tight for it to self-restart before you discharge the release.


In this article, we have covered the means that you need to take to determine Canon printer error U163 anyway in case you are as yet confronting any issue find support from the printer specialists.

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