How To Fix Amazon Alexa Echo Setup Setting Problem?

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We know that you are suffering from Amazon Alexa Echo Setup problem that's why you
have visited on our page. Well, we understand that the Amazon Echo
setup process is giving you a difficult time. Thus, we are here for you as you are
not at all alone. Many people are there like you who were having the same
problem in setting up Amazon Alexa. First of all, you need to have the Alexa
app or the website to complete the Alexa setup steps. Though the process of
Echo setup is quite simple and easy, if you skip some minor steps, you might
face some difficulty.


Well, certain times, the Alexa app is stuck on the white screen even doesn't let
complete you the process of the setup. Another time, you will see that the ring
light is attached to blue when you need the orange light to begin the process
of installation. But you don't need to worry as we are here to help you and we
have mentioned some solutions to ease out the Alexa Echo setup process.

Steps For Alexa Setup Correctly

1, First, install the app of Alexa on your Android or iOS device and Plug-in
Amazon Echo but, don't open that yet. Then, into an electric socket Plug, the
Amazon Echo device as that will light up. And also, the ring will turn blue in just
a minute or two. Once the ring sets yellowish-orange, launch the Alexa app
that you just installed on your phone.

  1. In this step, launch the Alexa App and Sign-in into it. At a launch time the
    Alexa app, you asked to sign in by using Amazon Account of yours. So, if you
    already have an Amazon account then use it. But, in case you are a new user
    then, you need to make a new Amazon account of yours. Later, select your
    Echo device and language on the follow the instruction shown up screens.
  2. When you are asked to connect to Wi-Fi, your echo setup starts so, wait for
    Orange Light on Echo device. Then tap or click on the button of option to
    connect Wi-Fi. If your Amazon Alexa Echo device is showing the orange light
    then, it's good or well. But, however, your echo device is stuck in the blue light
    ring then, you need to press the button of action on your Echo device for at
    least 5-10 seconds. Or till then, you get the ring of orange light after that click
    the Continue button on Alexa app of yours.

4.Here, you will take to the Manually Connect to Amazon Wi-Fi. Thus, here

you'll be taken to the Manually connect to Echo screen, and that step is very

crucial, and it's essential to follow it carefully.

So, here's what you need to do for Alexa Echo Setup. And also, leave the Alexa
app and open the Wi-Fi settings on the phone of yours. As under Wi-Fi
connections, you'll see a new Wi-Fi connection with the name Amazon-xxx,
where 'x' can be any digit. Still, if you have any difficulty, then, take advice to
our Alexa setup expert as they are always there to help you.

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