How To Explore Garmin GPS And Software Update?

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Garmin has revolutionized the world with its amazingly convenient GPS devices. With the help of Garmin GPS, millions of people are able to explore their travel destinations with comfort and ease. Thousands of people commute to their office faster because of Garmin’s GPS Navigations. However, Garmin’s GPS software, just like all the other softwares, must be constantly updated.

Garmin GPS uses the maps installed on the GPS device to guide you to your destinations but roads and streets are constantly added or re-structured and therefore, pre-installed maps should be regularly updated to ensure that the GPS navigations remain accurate and relevant throughout time. Updated maps are one of the many things that can be achieved through the Garmin GPS update.

Garmin GPS updates are a means for the company to sustain the comfort and reliability that their products often promise. Garmin Ltd. is constantly brainstorming ideas to make their old products better and time-conserving. This is achieved by releasing new features through software updates. With the help of software updates, Garmin is also able to fix the errors, bugs and issues, if any, in its pre-released products.

However, this is a two-way street. To make the most of your device, you also need to be able to install the software update on your GPS device. If you are not sure how to do so, scroll down to find step-by-step guides to help you through the process.


Why You Need An Effective Garmin GPS Navigation Device?

In our constantly changing world, GPS Navigation has become a necessity. GPS navigations save time, save resources and also reduce the stress of travelling. It reduces the dependency on road signs and memory and allows you to find the best possible routes to your destination in real-time. Garmin takes the GPS navigations to a next level with its amazingly convenient GPS navigation devices. Globally appreciated for their accuracy, Garmin’s products are packed with a lot of features. Its new Drive Assist 51 is especially designed to make journeys easier for car-drivers across the world, whether it be driving for work or business or a road trip on a vacation. Some of the amazing features of Garmin’s DriveAssist 51 are:

  • It accesses the real-time traffic; the PND depends on Garmin’s free Smartphone Link application. With the help of Smartphone linking, Drive Assist 51 can access Google maps, Apple maps, to find the best routes to your destination.
    • Drive Assist 51 also helps you find the best parking options. Once it has been connected and linked to the Smartphone, Drive Assist 51 helps you to find a nearby parking place at your destination. It even shows you the parking rates!
    • You can use wake words like “Voice Command” to be able to navigate to a particular address. Commands like “go home” will begin the navigations for your journey to the home. You can also save the dash cam video, manually.

Before you update the Garmin GPS Navigator Map…

There are some things that you should know before you update your Garmin GPS Navigator Map:  
Sometimes it happens that GPS device doesn’t accept more than 2 GB of memory, especially on a map, and this brings us many issues.

• You should check the size of the update that you wish to install.
• Sometimes, the Garmin GPS Device doesn’t accept an update of more than 2 GB. This is especially the case with a map update and this could definitely lead to many issues.
• Such issues can be solved by updating your browser firmware.
• Before proceeding to update Garmin GPS, you should have some of the latest software which can be supplied with the help of the manufacturer.
• You can check how to update in the guide given below.
• With the updated GPS software, the map update can easily be downloaded. It doesn’t matter whether it is a topographic or nautical map, the downloaded update will have a .IMG format with a name that resembles “gmapsupp.img.”
Now that you know about that, check out the step-by step guide to update the Garmin GPS Software. This is followed by the guide to update Garmin GPS Maps.


The Step-By-Step Guide to Update Garmin GPS

Updating your Garmin GPS Device can be a difficult process especially if you don’t know where to begin but you don’t need to worry. Just follow the steps written below to successfully download and install the GPS Update:
• First, make sure that your computer is connected to internet. However, you should never use any public PC or Wi-Fi for updates to keep a check on your privacy.
• Download and Install Garmin Express on your computer and login through your official Garmin credentials.
• Now, connect your device to your computer with the help of a USB cable. Don’t disconnect the device until the process is over.
• Launch Garmin Express and let the application identify your device.
• Look for updates for your device software. Download the update into your device.
• After the download process is over, disconnect your device safely and install it.

If you have followed the step-by-step guide correctly, you will now be able to enjoy all the features of the updated software of your Garmin Device.


How to Update Garmin GPS Maps? The Step-By-Step Guide to Install Garmin GPS Map Updates!

Updating Garmin GPS maps can be an excellent way of significantly reducing the time of your commute or to reduce the anxiety of travelling on a new route. Garmin map updates enable your Garmin GPS Device to access the new roads that have been constructed or find better shortcuts for your journeys. But if the updating process seems difficult to you, you must install updating Garmin Express Application.
Garmin Express has been designed to help you install all the updating Garmin Nuvi updates with speed and efficiency. It keeps you informed about the release of Garmin Updates to make sure that you don’t miss any and makes the downloading and installing process significantly easier. 

To update updating Garmin GPS through updating Garmin Express, follow the steps given below:

Download and install Garmin Express on your computer. If you are using Garmin Express for the first time, the update process could take a few minutes.
• Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable.
• Launch Garmin Express.
• Click on the “Get Started” option and the select “Add A Device “on the user interface.
• Let the Application detect your Device. If the Device cannot be found, check your connections properly and try again.
• As a first time user, you would be required to register your device in the Garmin Express Application. Registering your device enables the Application to find the suitable updates, which can then be downloaded and installed effortlessly.
• Look for the updates through Garmin Express, once you have registered your device.
• Download the updates into the device. You can also choose to download the Paid Garmin Map Updates as per your requirement.
• Install the update on your device and disconnect the device from your computer after safely ejecting it.
If you have followed all the above steps carefully, then you would now be able to enjoy all the maps and features of your updated Garmin GPS device.


Instant Solutions for Garmin GPS Updates

Since Garmin is constantly working to upgrade all its older and new products, your device can very often feel out-of-date. While you might still be able to work your way around with your old device, this can be a serious problem for you on some very important days. Say, you have an important meeting and you have been in a long traffic jam. Or say, you have moved to a new location and the routes are confusing.   In both the above situations, having access to the best routes seems critical which is why it is necessary to ensure that your Garmin GPS Device has the latest maps. This does not only reduces the time to travel but also ensures a stress-free commute. On top of that, you can explore new destinations in a wholesome manner and be able to make the most of your device at all times.

Garmin Express helps you download and install these updates with an unprecedented ease and comfort. With its simplified processes, updating Garmin is a quick and effortless task.   But since Garmin Express is also just a software application, sometimes you may experience some issues. In case you have been having some difficulty using Garmin Express, read through because we have the solution for you.
Garmin Express Login Issues

Sometimes, logging into Garmin Express can be really frustrating. With the help of our team, we have identified some of these major Garmin Express login issues which can be easily resolved by following a few steps. 

Some of these errors arise when you are trying to synchronization Garmin Express with your official Garmin account with the help of “Connect Account.” You may have faced such an issue while trying to search Garmin Nuvi update for your Garmin GPS Device. Our team is constantly looking out for such bugs in the Express software which is why downloading and installing a Garmin Express update should provide a quick solution. 

If updating the app or downloading the latest version of the application doesn’t fix your issue, or you encounter some other issues while updating Garmin Nuvi, we would highly appreciate if you would write to us. We are constantly working to make our Application better and easier to use and would love to help you to fix the issue so that you could enjoy all the features of Garmin Express without any difficulty.

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