How To Do Alexa Setup Smoothly

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Are you looking some smooth and easy way to do Alexa setup?

So, this article is for you; thus, kindly read the whole article completely. Well! First of all, we want to suggest you relax as setting up of Alexa is not so difficult. But, before pursuing to tell you about Echo Dot setup first, let’s know something about Alexa. So, it is an artificial intelligence service which is powered by Amazon’s vast cloud computing infrastructure. In late 2014 Alexa was unveiled (introduced) to the world by Amazon.

Currently, Alexa and Echo are available in over 40 worldwide countries worldwide and Brazil being the most recent addition in late 2018. And in early 2019, Amazon reported over 100 million Alexa-enabled smart devices in use around all over the world. Here, like many people you might also, confused about the differences between Alexa and the Echo. So, below the paragraph, we write a small answer to tell you the difference between both.

Alexa is the AI service, and it is like the internet where Echo is the physical device which one can use to interact with Alexa. For example, if Alexa is like the internet, then, Echo is like your laptop (computer). By issuing a voice command to Alexa setup (Alexa), users can take advantage of its abilities. One can ask Alexa to play music, provide scores of sports scores. Even, can check the weather or news updates, and secure their home. And also, can communicate with friends and family, with the help of Alexa setup. Now, start with install Alexa app or echo dot setup process, which we issued in the next section.

What To Do To Install Alexa App By My Own?

To install Alexa app in your device (phone, laptop, etc.), all you need to do is follow the steps mention below. In the below section, we provide you with some of the basic and simple steps for installing the Alexa app on your own.

  1. First, open the app store or play store on a mobile device of yours.
  2. Then later, search for Amazon Alexa app on the device.
  3. After when you find Alexa app Select Install.
  4. Select Open, and here your process of installation is done, and you will get Alexa configuration.

So, we hope you guys are satisfied with above-penned points on the process of install Alexa app. Now, we discuss Alexa setup and Alexa setup instruction in the below paragraphs or section.

The Important Alexa Setup Instruction On Echo Dot Setup 

The instruction you should keep in mind while setting Alexa on Echo Dot setup is mentioned below. So, do read them for a proper and good result and also, do apply them in sequence without skipping any of them.

1, First, connect your Echo’s power supply on Alexa.

  1. Before connecting the Echo dot setup supply to Alexa, make sure to install the Amazon Alexa app on your phone.
  2. Tap the Devices icon, then the + symbol.
  3. Follow the instructions shown on-screen to connect the Echo to your wi-fi network and enter its password.
  4. Here, Alexa is ready to enable skills for you.

So, this is some important Alexa setup instruction one should know while installing the Alexa app. But, did you know what Alexa configuration is? If no, then, don’t worry, we are about to answer this as well because our post is not over yet.

How To Do Amazon Echo Setup 

It’s no wonder or doubt that Amazon’s smart speaker is revered with so many features along with audiophiles and intelligent home adopters. Still, we saw several numbers of people who don’t know how to settle the brand new Amazon echo setup. Thus, this section is especially for all those people and if you also belong to among those people, then read it carefully.

So, in our in mention below steps, you will get the best and simple steps for Amazon echo setup. We wrote the things you need to do in steps by which you can do Amazon Echo Dot setup easily. Thus, put those stuff in a sequence which is mention below;

1, First, download the Alexa app as it is the most important thing you will need to get for Echo device set up device of yours. Even, please make sure that you are connected with wi-fi while going to the official website of Amazon Alexa setup.

  1. Then, in step two plug the power adopter into the Echo basically you need to hook it up to the outlet of a power. Then, please wait until it turns into a blue colour because it shows that power is connected to it. And it’s the most simple step in the whole process of Echo Dot setup.


  1. In the next step, you need to connect your echo device to your wi-fi network. And if you stuck then, open the Alexa app and search via available networks till then you find yours. Or in case you have multiple devices of Echo then assure that you go to the tab of devices and later click to the top carousel icon for the Echo & Alexa. And later, when you connected to it, then you have the option of saving wi-fi password to Amazon. We suggest you save the wi-fi password because it makes it easy for you to connect to a smart home device on the same network.


  1. Now, you can start taking to Alexa by saying the wake word that by default, is Alexa. But, if you already have a person with Alexa name in the house then, by simply tell the Echo to Change Alexa wake word to another wake word.


  1. Here, Amazon Echo dot setup of yours is ready to be used. And to make sure that everything works properly then, you can try out some basic commands or instruction. For example, with the help of wake word say Hello and if Echo properly setup then, surely Alexa with a Hello in return.


So, that’s all for Alexa Setup but still, if you have any query or questions about it then, via a comment you can tell us. Our website will bring answers to your question regarding Alexa so, do share our article with all your family and friends.

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