How to Block an Dispatch Address in Outlook

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Microsoft outlook is an dispatch software set up that allows users to send and admit dispatch on their devices. Microsoft outlook is available as a part of the Microsoft office package. It’s also available independently.
Blocking someone mail address will stop their mail from coming to your inbox. When you block a particular email address through Gmail means you’ll no longer admit dispatches from that account in your inbox. Blocking block that address whom send the message. So, the message didn’t entered by the receiver at the time of blocking.
Still, you ’ll have to put up with deleting a many emails every now and also, If you want to admit certain messages from that address but not others.

Now the following steps how to block an dispatch address in outlook

• Originally open the Gmail settings and go to the filters and blocked Address tab.

• Also, select create a new filter.
• After this enter the mail address which you want to be blocked in the from field.

• Then select search. Gmail searches your dispatches and displays those that match your search parameters.
• After this open a message.

• In the message box select more and choose Block “ sender’s name” from the menu.
• When asked to confirm, select block.

Blocking dispatches based on the sender’s address is n’t the only way to transfer emails to the spam folder. When creating the block filter, you have two further options
• To stop messages that are of a specific size, go to the Size field, enter a file size, and choose whether to look for messages that are lesser than or lower than the specified size.

• To stop messages that have attachments, select the Has attachment check box.

How to Block Emails on Gmail on a Mobile Device?

The way to block postal card on the Gmail mobile apps for iPhone and Android are similar to blocking mail on a computer. Then is how to do this using the Gmail mobile app
• Firstly, open a message from the sender you want to be blocked.

• Then, Select More (the three vertical dots next to the Reply button) and choose Block “sender’s name “from the menu.
• After this If you selected the wrong message and blocked the wrong person, tap Unblock sender in the warning dialog box that appears above the communication.

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