How to Archive Emails in Outlook

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Email archiving is a systematic process to saving and protecting the data contained in emails to enable fast retrieval. These tools play a vital role at organisations in which data permanence is a priority.An email archive tool helps with knowledge management and storage management. In the mail archiving we store the messages for future.

Now the followings steps how to archive emails in outlook:

• Firstly go in the outlook and log in to your email account.

• After log in your email account then, click on the folder on the left where your emails are located.

• Then, Select the emails you’d like to archive from the right panel.

• After done this all steps, now click the option that says Archive in the top menu bar.

• By mistake if you archived an email, click undo in the bottom to back your action.

After all these procedure you can see all your archived emails on the left.

And again if you ever want to move an archived email back to the main folder, find that email in the Archive folder, click the email, click move to at the top, and select where you want to move the mail.

Now above we archived mail manually but also the mails are archived automatically in outlook, how lets see the some points to archive mails automatically.

A feature name Auto archive that helps archive your emails automatically in outlook. This feature helps you to archive mails automatically by sends your mails to the main folders of a amount of time has passed.

Now some steps for automatically archive:

• First open outlook.

• Then click file at the top, and then select options from the left sidebar.

• Then after this click the advanced options on the left.

• Then find auto archive feature on the right pane and click the auto archive settings button.
• Then Tick Run AutoArchive every option at the top and specify when the feature should run in your Outlook.
• After this go in the Default folder settings for archiving section, select when an item should be archived. Mainly, you’re specifying the age of your Outlook content.
• Then click Browse and select the destination folder for your archive file. You only need to do this if you don’t like the default Outlook PST directory.
• Finally, hit OK in the bottom to save your changes.

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